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lakeside5_10 05-06-2008 5:53 AM

anyone know were the water temp sensor is located for the perfect pass. this sensor would measure water temp , mine seems to read 10+ higher. <BR> <BR>thanks <BR>mark <BR>06 moomba xlv

jon_a 05-06-2008 6:08 AM

It is in the paddlewheel. It only reads surface temp. That is why it may seem high.

snork 05-06-2008 6:51 AM

I concur with Jon.

lakeside5_10 05-06-2008 7:23 AM

how often do they go bad , sensor reads in the 90's

zacharoo 05-06-2008 8:10 AM

You need to call and talk directly with PP. They can either tell you how to fix or at least why it acting up. Google them to get the contact info. <BR> <BR>Aqua

snork 05-06-2008 2:56 PM

My sensor read in the 90's all summer long. The sensors can go bad a soon as 200hrs. Seems the faster you run your boat consistently the quicker the failure. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by snork on May 06, 2008)

lakeside5_10 05-07-2008 4:58 AM

i have about 170 hours on the boat , this blows if the sensor goes out every 200 hours,

snork 05-07-2008 5:30 AM

I would not say every 200 hrs but can occur around that time on the hobs. Talk with your dealer and see if you can get it replaced under warranty

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