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loonytik 05-05-2008 4:41 AM

I plan to carry my boat to the local lake and store it for the summer so I dont have to drag everything there every time. I heard a rumor that its not good for the Gel Coat on the boat to sit in the water all the time. <BR> <BR>Is there any truth to this? <BR> <BR>My boat will be in the water through August of this year.

taylormade 05-05-2008 4:46 AM

It's not good to have your boat sit in the water all the time but if you can put it on a lift every couple of months and do a good scrubbing of the bottom, you should be fine. Gel coats will start to blister after a while of sitting in the water. I don't know the magic formula as to how long it can sit before it starts, though, so I'd say it's best if you can get it out at least once during the summer and give it a good smack down.

rallyart 05-05-2008 7:19 AM

Gel coat is better now than it was in 1980. However, my 1980 boat still has the original gel coat and it has spent it's whole life in the water for two months straight and then in storage for 10. <BR>That's what my new boat is likely to do too. So, I guess my opinion is that it should stand up for at least two months, and probably more.

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