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kstateskier 05-04-2008 9:54 AM

Anyone know of a good upholsterer in the St. Louis area, preferably Metro East, but anything will work.

xcharrier 05-05-2008 8:59 AM

I remember there was an upholstery shop on Hwy 50 in between O'fallon and Lebanon that advertised boat specific work but I havent been over that way in a few years. <BR> <BR>On a side note... I'm going to be back in Belleville at the end of May for about a week and I could probably use a third if you're interested. I always ride out on the Kaskaskia.

kstateskier 05-05-2008 11:33 AM

Russell, <BR> <BR>I wish I was going to be around, but I am moving most of that week and will be in Kansas the rest of the last week of May. I appreciate the info. Hopefully it quits raining here. If not the Kaskaskia will probably be a mess.

xcharrier 05-05-2008 1:12 PM

No worries. And I'm used to the Kaskaskia being a mess... I just hope its not too flooded like it sometimes tends to be in May. As long as I can get to the ramp I'll be happy.

kstateskier 05-05-2008 2:48 PM

Russell, <BR> <BR>I ended up finding a place in North County that does the work for Stateamind. I don't know much about the Kaskaskia level, but I cross the Meramec daily and it has been out of it's banks in Arnold since mid March. We had the wettest March on record here. It's finally calmed down for about 3 weeks, so stuff is starting to go back down.

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