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megalicious 05-01-2008 1:20 PM

Anyone going?

marcy 05-01-2008 2:29 PM

Still debating. Last year the conditions were awful. First time I'd ever been to the delta and it was freezing and super windy. By the time the boat could turn around to pick you up, you were being blown into the grass. It's a little later in the summer this year than last year so hopefully conditions will be better.

megalicious 05-01-2008 4:07 PM

How was the instruction?

marcy 05-01-2008 9:40 PM

I actually got more out of listening to the instructions for the other riders than for myself. Each person does not get that much individual attention because of the number of riders and the time constraints. It is great for networking with other local riders and if you want to demo some new gear.

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