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fordmxracer 04-25-2008 5:07 AM

Where can I find the best deal on a PP wakeboard pro? <BR> <BR>Thanks Ryan

wakebrdjay 04-25-2008 5:58 AM

check with Ian Brown at onlyinboards.comm he'll hook you up

1irondragon 04-27-2008 10:14 AM

I second Jay T. You will not find a better deal then through Ian. Customer service was great, and I got mine in 3 days after ordering. I just finished my install last night and might be going out today to give it a try!<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/biggrin.gif" border=0>

ldr 04-27-2008 4:17 PM

buy the PP cruise upgrade kit then buy the remaining pieces directly from PP. It comes out to just under $800.

rich_g 04-27-2008 6:07 PM

Matthew, could you be a little more specific. If you're starting out with nothing what exactly do you need to order? what are the remaining pieces?

ldr 04-27-2008 6:34 PM

PerfectPass Pro = <BR>servo motor <BR>display <BR>master module <BR>paddle wheel <BR>rpm cable <BR>servo motor cable <BR>power cable <BR> <BR>When you buy the cruise upgrade kit (the kit needed to upgrade someone who already has PP cruise to PP pro) <BR>($550) you get <BR>master module <BR>display <BR>paddle wheel <BR>probably a new power cable <BR> <BR>what you need to complete the system would be <BR>servo motor (most expensive) <BR>servo motor cable <BR>rpm cable <BR>maybe power cable <BR>($250)aproximate <BR>PP will be able to give you exact pricing. <BR>I found this out when searching for my system and i found that PP is a couple hundred cheaper buying piece meal than buying a complete system.

rich_g 04-27-2008 8:09 PM

thanks, I will check that out

trickyboarder08 05-06-2008 10:12 AM

Here is what I got back from perfect pass on the things you would need to complete the system. <BR> <BR>Your prices are as follows: <BR> <BR>Servo Motor with Cable - $224 USD <BR>RPM Sensor - $40 USD <BR>Power Cable (for Master Module) - $20 USD <BR>Servo Power Cable - 13 Ft. or 23 Ft. - $35 USD (not sure which power cable <BR>you want so included both prices). <BR> <BR>Shipping charges would apply on any/all of the above. <BR> <BR>Carol <BR> <BR> <BR>so therefore it would be 319 for all of that stuff plus 549 for the upgrade. <BR> <BR>So that would be $868 and that is before shipping. <BR> <BR>Still cheaper to go that route though.

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