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brande 04-24-2008 5:57 PM

I've been riding off and on since summer '05 <BR>I am 33, almost 34. I have a 4 year old son and a daughter who will be 2 in July. So most of the summer of '06 was spent driving the boat, not riding. I did get up there about 3 weeks after she was born but it wasn't pretty. I had fun but I just hung out back there, out of breath and feeling very out of shape! I live in GA on a lake called Tobesofkee. I ride a stand up jet ski when my DH is at work and can't pull me. I can't do a whole lot that will impress anyone. I can spin and jump and that is it. I will probably ask a whole lot of doofus questions and hope y'all will tell me when to quit, so here is the first... <BR>What is the thinnest USGC approved vest I can get? Mine is driving me crazy! It's a hydrolyte something that DH picked out randomly when he bought his vest. <BR>Thanks!

lizrd 04-25-2008 4:47 AM

I am loving my O'Neil USCGA. They have a non-approved version that is very similar so be careful which one you grab off of the rack. They are very comfy, not terribly bulky and have a material on them that is slick in parts so there isn't a lot of rubbing. Try one out! <BR> <BR>Welcome! You will learn that not a lot of us on here can "do a whole lot that will impress anyone" but we all have fun and we all love wakeboarding!

brande 04-25-2008 5:59 AM

Thank you for the advice and the welcome! I am going to check that out...

criswb 04-25-2008 9:13 PM

I second the Oneill. i actually have the outlaw and it is awesome, even though its non uscg it floats a lot. Anyways, oneill makes excellent vests that will last a lifetime

wakechic82 04-26-2008 8:11 AM

I just bought the Oneill Flare. It comes cga and non uscga. I haven't tried it yet so I can't tell you how it floats, but it looks really cool. I will update after I try it out. It really isn't that thin, so I am thinking it will float a little better than some non cga

rnopr8 04-27-2008 9:39 PM

Welcome back Brande...I have the outlaw too but want to try the O'neill CGA...the outlaw is very thin and I think floats as well as a cga. I like CGA in early spring cause it helps you catch your breath faster in the cold water!!

brande 04-28-2008 11:00 AM

Thanks! Y'all are the best!! So it's the Law or the Flare then for me. What about sizing? My current one fits the 'girls' ok but it loose on the waist and so it rides up if I don't get it really tight and even then after a few falls it gets loose again. I was leaning on going smaller than the chest measurement and hoping that I could squish them in there ok. Any thoughts/insight on how they fit? <BR>Does anyone also ride standup jet skis?

wakechic82 04-28-2008 11:37 AM

I am a street size 2-4 and a 34 in the bust and I wear a size 8 life vest if that helps. Just a little side note about the Flare, the CGA is kinda bulky. I also tried the liquid force hinge and it was bulky as well. That is part of the reason I went with the NCGA Flare. I really like the style. Haven't tried it yet (water too cold to want to swim my way back to the surface) so I don't know how well it floats. But it does seem more bulky than most NCGA, so I am hoping it floats me better.

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