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06-05-2001 12:39 AM

Hey, I've heard that you can use a trampoline to train in the offseason or whenever you can't get to the lake?? Could someone tell me a little more about this and any advice that they might have?? <BR> <BR>David

06-05-2001 11:01 AM

Yeah lots of people do it my self as one. you just take ur trampoline and stick it on the ground. then take a rope and handle and tie it to a tree or something else that will be bou t8 feet above the tramp. then you just jump and do tricks. its alot easier to do them on the tramp but it just gives you a really good feel on how to do tricks~ ! good luck.

tantrums 06-07-2001 7:34 AM

a word of warning. my friend bought a tramp this year and i quickly learnt backflips (tantrums) on it. then we started using his old skate deck, strappin to our feet with bike tubes, so we could do grabs and stuff. if u do do this only use it to learn grabs and spins not inverts. whilst doing an indy tantrum i came down and as i landed my straps came off the board (they were done up extremely tight but slipped off on landing) and the deck came up off the mat hitting me square in the nose and chin. after a quik trip to the hospital they could not decide if it was broken because it was so swollen and i spent a friday night in a hospital room with Dr's trying to control the bleeding with pressure (this f#*ken hurts and it also hurts when they grab it to c if its broken)a week later and it was still sore and swallon and a bit black under the eyes. 4 weeks later it is still sore in spots and has a bit of a bump on one side. My chin was swallon as well for a week. Just be carefull on the tramp or u will discover a whole new respect for the tramp as i and many others have.

06-07-2001 12:28 PM

yes i do feel bad for you and know that bad things can happen on he tramp but also think of all the people that get hurt boarding but we dont tell people to be careful and not do <FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT> cause you can get hurt. im not makin fun and im sure it hurt reallly bad, but hey <FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT> happens. and i was too thinkin about doing the board thing but now i may not. Also a word to the wis for everyone, dig a hole and stick ur tramp in it so its level with the ground. muccchh safer trust me. good luck

06-08-2001 7:43 AM

My opinion would be to not use a board. It increases risk of injury and also wears your trampoline. Another thing you can do to make it safe is get the net sides for your tramp. We have them and they work great and still have the rope hooked up. Just my opinion though.

Gardner (wake_drummer) on 06-23-2001 12:01 AM

hey guys umm i am just new to this sport i have been wakeboarding for about half a year. umm yeah and i am up to flips. umm i was just wondering if it is hard to do them on the tramp we are getting one in a couple of days and i used my mates and i am fine with frontflips. i was just wondering if it is hard to do backflips and throw spins in with them. like i can do backflips of jetties and stuff like that but i dont want to stuff it and land on my head!! umm yeah and any advice on throwing 180s,360, in with frontflips... cheers :)

06-25-2001 1:45 AM

hi guys <BR>how are you all yeah i went around to my mates home on the weekend and pulled one first go! a backflip!! yeah but still need advice on throwing in 180s, 360s.

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