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addicted 04-23-2008 7:33 AM

I bought a wakeskate, and the grip tape that was sent with it seems kinda odd. They sent two strips that when I put them on the wakeskate, they cover about 99% of the board, but looking at the pieces, they aren't symmetrical. If I took this board to a local skate shop, would any old grip tape work? Or is the wakeskate grip tape different? There is a wakeboard shop around here, but its an extra 20 minutes away, so if I could save the drive time, that'd be nice.

wakemitch 04-23-2008 8:24 AM

is it the clear grip on a gator? if so you will want to go to a skateboard shop and get some standard grip. jessup or diamond work great. clear grip lasts maybe a set before it gets slick

wazzy 04-23-2008 11:06 AM

My girl went to Shred Shop in Chicago & they had clear grip (for skate boards).... She hasn't ridden it yet, but it should hold up. BTW it's NOT the same clear that comes w/ the Gator wakeskates (which is on my Timmy K board)

addicted 04-23-2008 9:43 PM

The grip tape I have isn't clear (looks pretty similar to standard grip tape), but I just don't think it would look nice on the board. It looks like it was cut for the shape of a different board.

wakemitch 04-23-2008 10:21 PM

just ride it if its about the looks. no point spending 15-20 bucks on new grip. just regrip it when it wears out in a couple months

jenand 12-01-2009 7:35 AM

Heskins grip tape has always been my prefered and it's really cheap.<a href="http://www.heskins.com/prod01.htm" target="_blank">http://www.heskins.com/prod01.htm</a>

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