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jgmaher 04-21-2008 1:06 AM

I go to St. Mary's in Moraga, Ca. Unfortunately the only people who are really into tryin to organize and spend the time putting the team together are waterskiers.. so they are pushing for those lame slalom, trick, jump tourneys. But I hear that they're making wakeboarding it's own event in some of those west coast comps next fall. So what's up with next fall season? Where are the big tourneys gona be and who do I need to talk to?

tommysurfs 05-21-2008 3:53 PM

Once you get your team up and running, we would like to help you guys with gear. If your in Colorado ever look us up. I am proud of you for starting the team. Don't let anything stop you. <BR> <BR>Tommy Phillips <BR><a href="http://www.gettommys.com" target="_blank">www.gettommys.com</a>

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