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hfgcey5589gmailcom 04-19-2008 7:11 AM

Was wandering how to get the board to snap back into the batwing and how to take it to blind. I have tried just letting a ts indy drift out but just couldn't feel it drifting all the way out.

mofreestyle 04-19-2008 10:55 AM

I can get the board behind me but it's more like a toeside raley with an indy grab but I really want to get my board more vertical behind me. I hope that makes sense. <BR> <BR>Do you come into the wake front foot heavy and really push off your front foot? Someone help.

zackluckett 04-19-2008 7:19 PM

I'm no expert on this guys, but I'll try and help anyway. Don't think about how much weight to put on either foot. I think it messes up your edge in. Just start about 15' away from the wake edging really easy at first, getting harder the closer you get. Edge as hard as you can away from the boat coming up the wake keeping your front elbow really close to your front hip. You just wanna go wake to wake. Straight up pop. As soon as you leave the wake, reach with your back arm towards the nose of the board (crail batwings are easier than indy ones). It gets your body in the right spot too. Look at the spot you wanna land while in air and pull it down. If you edge right, it pulls itself down. Hopes this helps guys.

knarbar 04-22-2008 4:56 PM

Zack puts it well. Cut out wide. Take a progressive cut into the wake gaining momentum. Ride all the way through the wake. This cut and momentum will throw the board up and away from the boat. Spot your landing and tug hard on the handle. For blind landings just tug to your back hip grab the handle and pray to god.

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