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wakeworld 04-17-2008 10:30 AM

Assuming my toe side is just as strong as my heel side, which one of these tricks would be easiest? I was going to start working on my heel side, but now that I'm visualizing it, I'm thinking toe side might be easier.

eubanks01 04-17-2008 10:49 AM

I think it just depends on what is more comfortable for you. If you want to learn the HS BS 180, then first learn it in the flats and then inside-out before you take it w2w. I got the first two steps of this but had problems taking it w2w. catching your heel edge on these as you're coming down are the worst crashes I've taken wakeboarding. Have fun! <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>Seriously, I think it's like everything else...WAIT to spin and you'll be fine. I've never tried the TS BS 180 but I think most would agree that it is hard to initiate and pass, but then easier to land once you have the handle.

alanp 04-17-2008 1:46 PM

hmm interesting. i think the hs is easier but i learned the ts bs 180 faster(i think because i was a much better rider). the problem i had was spinning it when all you have to do is get the handle handle pass. try a couple ts jumps when you jerk the handle really hard to the middle of your back while maintaining your axis. if you can do this the trick comes pretty easy. after a few of those then just go for the pass once you have the handle WITHOUT spinning and the rope will unwind you

babydaddy 04-17-2008 2:59 PM

just make sure you wait to spin it until the last 30/40% of the jump. it doesnt take long to spin it, so dont rush it. <BR> <BR>i think heel are easier too... but inside out ones really help. slow the boat down to like 17/18 and just do a ton of inside out ones, but even on these wait until you peak then spin it. <BR>just remember, its only a 180, you dont need a lot of time

skatehawk11 05-12-2008 7:11 PM

what about when you do a h/s b/s 180 without the pass and land blind? are there any tips for getting the spin or is still all about turning your head and shoulders at the right time? Are there any tricks to keep the handle in your hand after you land blind?

curtbernstein 05-12-2008 11:18 PM

Learning to land wrapped (without handle passing) on the hs bs 180 takes some time to learn, even if you can handle-pass bs 180. The best thing to do is to practice doing ollie backside 180's after a hard heelside edge into the flats... Once you're doing that consistently, try handle-passing later and later on your w2w hs bs 180. Eventually you'll learn how to spin the trick all the way even with one hand, and you'll be passing the handle after you've already landed the trick... Learning to land wrapped on the hs bs 180 has been a long process for me, but it will teach you amazing board control, and make a lot of other tricks really really easy.- its one of the most fun tricks to do... try an ollie revert back after you land...!!

curtbernstein 05-12-2008 11:19 PM

also, grabbing indy will help!

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