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yates_and_debaux 04-15-2008 12:34 PM

I have a 2004 SANTE, what speed should I ride at? How long should the rope be while riding? Should it be the same as when I wakeboard? <BR> <BR>I am 6 feet 165 pounds. I have been wakeboarding for 5 years now, but just bought a skate as my friends seem to like it. Any advise/suggestions/information would be appreciated. Thanks.

sinkoumn 04-15-2008 3:17 PM

Speed, whatever feels good - usually it's 19-22mph <BR> <BR>Length, if you're not jumping the wake it really doesn't matter. But to start out 65ft is a good place. <BR> <BR>Have fun with it!

paulters 04-16-2008 7:48 AM

it's not much diff then when you started out wakeboarding, but if your trying to learn some tricks drop the speed, I use a 65 ft rope and around 19mph! Hope it helps

wakemitch 04-16-2008 10:02 AM

you can pop higher easier with more speed. <BR> <BR>19mph would cause you to have a lot of drag and getting your board off the water would be harder going that slow

yates_and_debaux 04-16-2008 10:38 AM

Thanks for the pointers. We will see how it goes Friday. Do people learn at 65 because the wake isn't as wide at that point? Once you get it down is 80 the normal distance?

wakemitch 04-16-2008 11:37 AM

your boat has a super narrow wake so i would start at 70-75. if you want to get comfortable doing one wake jumps go to 80-85 so you arent casing it when you arent going for w2w. <BR> <BR>you might want to hold off on w2w and work on tricks in the flats and on the lip and get the feel for wakeskating.

yates_and_debaux 04-16-2008 1:45 PM

Thanks Mitch

deepcove 04-17-2008 8:40 PM

Yes people do generally learn w2w at shorter lengths but as Mitch stated the SANTE has a really narrow wake and 70 should be minimum. Nothing wrong with 19 mph....I learned my w2w at that speed.

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