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mroy 04-15-2008 11:15 AM

I was lucky enough to get out Thursday night with Danny Thollander and Adam Fields and take some photos before Board Up started. Check out some of the pics on my blog. <a href="http://www.mattroyphotography.blogspot.com" target="_blank">www.mattroyphotography.blogspot.co m</a> <BR>I'm just getting into this so any critiques would be great. <BR>Thanks <BR>Matt

littleblightie 04-16-2008 1:34 AM

Looks to me like you're shooting too wide for the majority of them... <BR> <BR>Both of your sequences are what I'd say too wide, but I'd say good choices of tricks to sequence... <BR> <BR>I like the idea of the crop for the Nuke glide over Miami, but once again think it could be a bit tighter... <BR> <BR>The picture of the junior would be a very hard one to get perfect, because of the busy busy backdrop, you are more than likely to, and did, lose the subject in the background... <BR> <BR>You did well for the light it looks like you had (perfectly exposed backdrops, underexposed riders), which couldn't really be helped... Speaking of light, there seems to be a bit of motion blur on the shot "Adam", which is attributed to the 1/500 shutter speed used in all of the photos... <BR> <BR>And again segwaying from the low-ish shutter speed, and because you have used Shutter Priority, you've got really small apertures being selected, like 22!, 16, 11, and 13... By using aperture priority, or manual mode, you can get rid of both of your problems - larger aperture lets in more light, so you can use a higher shutter speed (Your 20D goes up to 1/8000) there won't be motion blur, and also means more background blur (bokeh), for better subject separation... <BR> <BR>Oh and by the way, clean your sensor, it's dirty as all hell (All the black dots on the sunset photo)... <BR> <BR>Sorry about the essay, once I got started I couldn't stop... <BR> <BR>-David

mroy 04-16-2008 4:06 AM

David, thanks for the essay. So far this is just trail and error and figuring out what works and what doesn't. I really appreciate the critique. I just got the camera about a month ago and there is so much to learn. <BR>Thanks again, <BR>Matt

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