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06-04-2001 12:18 AM

hey guys, <BR>I'm currently just starting out wakeboarding and am stuck on a trick. Do you guys have any tips on surface blind 180's or blind 180's off of the rollers? <BR>thanks, <BR>ken

06-05-2001 10:03 PM

Hey ken, here is a good way to practice..If you are regular foot or goofy...i am showing it riding regular.. goofy, just try the other side. It is good practice tool to start landing blind tricks....I know that it has helped me out a lot. anyway again sorry for the quality... <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/messages/3184/5765.jpg" ALT=".."> <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/messages/3184/5766.jpg" ALT=".."> <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/messages/3184/5767.jpg" ALT=".."> <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/messages/3184/5768.jpg" ALT=".."> <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/messages/3184/5769.jpg" ALT=".."> <BR><IMG SRC="http://wakeworld.com/discus/messages/3184/5770.jpg" ALT="..">

06-07-2001 2:04 PM

Thanks man I'm going out today so ill see if it helps! <BR>thanks again! <BR>-ken

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