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tommyg 04-09-2008 1:23 PM

Does anybody have experience, good, bad, or otherwise with the service department at California Marine Sports (formerly Hammers) in Fairfield? <BR> <BR>I usually take my boat for service to West Coast Correct Craft in Folsom, as I feel very confident in their service department...but it's a very long drive. Potentially willing to give it a go in Fairfield, as they're much closer, but I'd like to hear feedback on their service dept. I had a very bad experience at Hammer's in Petaluma a few years back, and since then I've only taken it to Folsom.

Ben Kerran 04-09-2008 1:50 PM

Not since the new ownership took over, but once when the service dep't had just opened at that location for Hammer's (a year ago +/-). Had a good experience. I think it is the same father/son service team that took care of Hammer's Petaluma and more recently Fairfield (Chad I think). Again, they did a good job for me. I have talked to the new owners a few times for other stuff and they have always been really helpful.

tommyg 04-09-2008 3:40 PM

Thanks for the feedback. I had an awful experience with the father/son team when they had just taken over in Petaluma. Made an appointment for some warranty work. Essentially, about 2 1/2 weeks after I dropped it off, and a number of calls, they hadn't even looked at it yet. I got more and more ticked off with every call until I finally told them I was picking up the boat in a few days whether it was serviced or not...and I was going to be livid if it wasn't done. It was done, but left a really bad taste in my mouth to ever work with them again. <BR> <BR>Oh, and it was during winter, so it was sitting outside in the rain the whole time.

Ben Kerran 04-09-2008 4:33 PM

that would be COMPLETELY unnaceptable to me, so i dont blame your hesitation. I do know they have a pretty large indoor bay in Fairfield, so I would assume it wouldn't sit outside. Based on your experience, I would definitely call and confirm timing. Man that sux.

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