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zink 04-08-2008 5:09 PM

what are your comments for this ski pro and cons

coldlake 07-29-2008 7:37 PM

Just received a 2007 System 8. Coming from a 2003 Truth (turns out, a badly rated stick). <BR> <BR>After just one ride: <BR>>Awesomely better damping in rough conditions, I was quite surprised how much better <BR>>More controlled, flowing turns <BR>>Still great acceleration (need some glass to really evaluate) <BR>>Smooth. The Truth would "wheelie" out of the turn if I didn't execute just right. I felt immediately at home on this ski with fewer radical responses from it <BR>>Great value, check out <a href="http://www.wileyski.com" target="_blank">www.wileyski.com</a>, I think it was a great deal

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