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brucemac 04-08-2008 9:27 AM

buying a used boat in Portland and am waiting on the title and registrations from the owner. <BR> <BR>i'm being told that they have a paper copy of the registration for the trailer, but that there is no paper copy for the boat. that the registration is actually a sticker on the hull. is this true? my lender needs a copies of both registrations and the released title to fund the loan. just looking for some verification here. he even said he went down to the marine board or whatever thinking maybe he lost it and they confirmed there is no paper registration for the boat itself, only the trailer. please advise- thanks

kenteck 04-08-2008 9:42 AM

call DMV, 503-299-9999, They should be able to tell you

priszkid 04-08-2008 9:49 AM

i have paper documentation for both my boat and trailer. there of course is the id number on the boat, but should be paper work also.

brucemac 04-08-2008 9:53 AM

thanks, called and the owner was half right. <BR> <BR>they get a plastic coated card which is a certificate of registration. they're supposed to carry it on board to operate the vessel along with the little sticker on the hull. since it's public record, i'm just having it faxed to me. <BR> <BR>thanks

priszkid 04-08-2008 10:01 AM

cool. glad you got it worked out.

lavinder 04-08-2008 1:29 PM

I had a similar expereince in Washington. I was selling my boat and was told there isn't boat titles in Washington. I called my bank and asked and they confirmed, no titles for boats. I was told (by the bank) that I had a personal loan out to pay for a boat. <BR>When it came time to transfer the boat and trailer, the DOL needed the title. Long story short, in Washington there is a "Certificate of Ownership", which looks amazingly similar to a title. On blue paper instead of green. Took some quick electronic transfers, and delayed the sale by a week. Final sale was Saturday after the boat show was over. However, we got a good deal at the show on a new boat by posting a deposit.

brucemac 04-08-2008 2:27 PM

Hey Jeff! <BR> <BR>Then when they hear people say, "title", they must understand it to meen cert of ownership, because my bank will not fund my loan without a copy of the released title, copies of registrations for boat and trailer and a bill of sale. <BR> <BR>Oregon, at least Portland, DOES have paper titles and unfortunately it's holding up my purchase. When the owner and I looked into it, we were told that the easiest way was for him to pay off his loan and get the title. Well, that's great, but his bank initially told him 4 days, now they're saying 10 days just to send it out. <BR> <BR>I'm beginning to think I should have just did it the difficult way and asked him to go into his bank with me and get a affidavit in lieu of title so i could pick up the boat sooner. now we're waiting on his bank, which is pretty lame. If it had been here in Washington, they would have simply pulled an electronic copy from the bank and faxed it to my lender and we'd be done with it.

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