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eddievg 04-08-2008 2:41 AM

Im looking at a couple of Pro Star 190's, -95 and -96. Anyone have any experience with these and specifically what kind of wake they generate? Are they any good for wakeboarding and how do they stand compared to a SkiNautique -91? <BR> <BR>/Eddie

rodltg2 04-08-2008 9:00 AM

its nice and flat, very soft and very little spray. try for the sme year ps 205 <BR> <BR>(Message edited by rodltg2 on April 08, 2008)

mkrueger313 04-08-2008 9:16 AM

My buddy PK has a 96 PS 190 with the LT1 Corvette engine. It's super smooth and loaded down with 2 huge sacks on each side of the engine cover and a sack in the bow. It's got a pretty nice wake with enough weight, definetely not a huge wake compared to a v-drive but it will definetely do. The only downside is that it gets super cramped if you have it weighted down and any more than 4 or five people in the boat. I know it is rated for 9 but with gear and everything it is almost impossible. <BR> <BR>I would take the Master Craft over the Nautique just for the fact that the PS190 hulls were amazing, and if you did come across a PS205 like rod said look into it for sure.

rmcronin 04-08-2008 11:36 AM

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y-3Myhwrd4" target="_blank">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Y-3Myhwrd4</a> <BR>This is me riding behind our old '95 prostar 190. As you can see, big air is possible with this hull. It is the same hull as the original x-star, just 1 foot shorter. You can't wash out the wake like my current Supra. Great boat! We used to ride with 2 rear sacs, 2 side sacs and a sac in the bow. Great all around boat, and world class if you slalom ski at all. Go for it.

alanp 04-08-2008 12:20 PM

i had a 1995 ps 190. i removed the back seat and put in a tank and i had a ballast tank made for under the bow. i also had some lead in the boat. if you dont need to haul around a ton of people it is a great little boat. i learned 10+ inverts behind it. youre not going to be able to ride at 85 feet at 25 mph but for us mere mortals who ride at normal speeds and rope lengths the wake is great. fwiw i sold mine with perfect pass and a tower, auto ballast set up and a rebuilt engine and tranny for 10,500

c640947 04-09-2008 1:21 PM

ditto - I had one for 12 years. Cramped inside for hanging out, but awesome little boat, great wake, perfect for learning on. I always jump at the chance to get behind one weighted down again! <BR> <BR>I put the new dimension tower on mine. looked like a new boat.

mvl 04-09-2008 1:41 PM

Schooledrider, funny vid man. Reminds me of the old days getting started. Nothing else mattered and riding behind uncle Doug's boat was the greatest thing ever. He had a 1991 190, I bought the fat sac and he bought the pole. Man we logged a ton of hours behind that boat jumping, spinning around but just loving it for hte sake of riding. I miss those days. Learned a backroll, tantrum, 3's, Raley's, Wirly, crow, front roll. Granted, bigger boats throw bigger wakes and if you're blessed enough to afford one, by all means. However, watch any old boarding flick and watch Byerly, Zane, Darin, Gator, Dean and more throwing mobes and everything, no weight, off the pylon.

wakedoctor 04-09-2008 4:54 PM

The 1996 hull is suppost to be the same hull the 99 sportstar carried on. I have not ridden behind any X-stars, SANs, or Wakesetters so you will never see me put in my thoughts in those posts. However, I have ridden behind some of the older MC's and the 2001 SN's and I have no complaints about this hull. Like all other MC's it does take a bit more ballast. With the year you are looking at you will have EFI GM block which is one of the reasons I didn't go with the older 2001 SN.

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