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04-04-2008 12:35 AM

I have a monster tower and wanted to get a mirror. The monster tower mirrors are $170-$200 which seems a little pricey but i know they are good quality. I was looking at the DIY Claw Arm and Mirror and was wondering how good the quality is at only $100. Please suggest any other good price mirrors as well. Thanks

ttuclint 04-04-2008 1:38 AM

The mirror I had from DIY cracked when I was tightening it to the arm, and this was after I had to take the mirror apart and do some fabrication to get it to work in the first place. The arm also did not fit well on my tower and scratched it up terribly when trying to install. Could never even get a response from them for a refund. So unless they are using different mirrors I would stay away. <BR> <BR>Bought the high quality Monster mirror soon after and have been extremely pleased.

04-04-2008 1:49 AM

thanks for the input

lovin_the_wake 04-04-2008 7:58 AM

Only bad thing I've ever about their mirrors is that the articulating mirror arm sucks as for the other mirror arms I've never heard anything bad about them

diywake 04-06-2008 4:03 AM

Erik, <BR> <BR>I wouldn't put to much into what Clint has to say. We have always honored any exchange or return of any of our product for any reason other than misuse or negligence. We have never heard from clint about any problem and i would know i answer all calls. I also just ran a search on our database looking for a customer named clint rice so i can call him and it did not come up. He might have us confused with one of the many vendors on ebay that sell similar product. As for Montgomery we have sold hundreds of the fully articulating mirror brackets and the only problem calls we have had on them have turned out to be that the customers were installing them upside down so they would loosen up with the bouncing of the boat. If you have any question about any of our product please feel free to call me any time. Our number is 916-337-1324 or check our feedback on ebay or the comments left by customers on our web site.

ttuclint 04-06-2008 4:27 PM

Raul, If you are diywake1 on ebay you left me feedback on Aug. 3, 2006 for the two items I purchased. It was probably shortly after that I emailed someone with your company about the problems I was having. After some conversation I had a few emails that were never replied to. <BR> <BR>If you are a different company then I apologize.

lovin_the_wake 04-06-2008 7:26 PM

Raul, I have no personal experience with any of your mirrors or mirror arms I was referring to what I have heard from other people on this board . . . I have a tower and 2 racks that I've bought from you guys and I have not had one problem or complaint at all I was not bad mouthing your company in anyway just stating what I have heard from other people

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