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mox369 04-02-2008 11:07 PM

I found this tower online for $625, does any one have one or any input on whatcha think about it? I would get it in polished silver if i did buy it. It is a universal tower. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65921/564441.gif" alt="Upload">

ttuclint 04-03-2008 12:13 AM

a monster tower knock-off ?

seattle 04-03-2008 7:01 AM

Poor attempt to competed with Monster.

mox369 04-03-2008 12:07 PM

so a bad idea to buy it??

kko13 04-03-2008 3:32 PM

it puts the UG in UGLY IMPO.

trickyboarder08 04-03-2008 3:34 PM

yea, i'm not likeing it either. You can pay a little more and get you a sexy looking tower. What boat r u putting it on?

mox369 04-03-2008 4:21 PM

its only goin on a Sea Ray I/O nothin special, for the price its tough to pass up

spherren 04-03-2008 4:28 PM

FOR $625 why not. Not everyone can afford the price of bling. It will work for what you need it for. WAKEBOARDING!!!

trickyboarder08 04-03-2008 4:29 PM

Get the DIY tower for 760, it looks better and comew with a board rack.

bill_airjunky 04-04-2008 12:03 AM

Side mounts are easy to hit on docks &amp; other boats anytime your tied up. <BR>Always top mount if possible.

mox369 04-04-2008 12:43 AM

thanks for the advise man

denwbaseball 04-04-2008 6:11 AM

625...Why not, doesn't look to bad to me. Not real crazy about the red but other than that it looks fine.

mlb75 04-04-2008 11:24 AM

My only comments are is it looks like the legs are awfully close for and aft, I'd think it would be much sturdier if the legs where farther apart. The lack of racks for the price should also be considered especially in a smaller boat where space to put equipment is already at a premium.

watsoc 04-04-2008 12:55 PM

How does this tower fold down? It appears to me that the front legs cannot swivel like a MT so that may be why it is cheaper. Let us know how you plan to use this tower (i.e. will fold tower down for storage or keep tower up in a slip or on the trialer) and we can probably be more subjective in our responses.

denverd1 04-04-2008 1:01 PM

I'd want to see a side view "profile" of it. doesn't look like it has the bracing at the top like a MT. or the rigidity of a titan, where they borrowed most of the design. i'd want to yank on it a little. with boards and speakers that is. <BR>Looks like you could modify it to fold down, wait, more $$... not that great of a deal when you look at the "all-in" price

trickyboarder08 04-04-2008 1:17 PM

It's hard to tell, but I think the back mounts on that tower swivel. So it should fold backwards. If it was me though, I would find something with board racks included instead of buying seperately.

mox369 04-05-2008 2:46 AM

The tower does fold down, i dont think that wakeboard racks would look good on it though. It has quick disconnects and folds down in a few seconds apparently.

whitlecj 04-05-2008 9:43 AM

I would stay far away from that one if you can. I would just spend a little more and grab a monster. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by whitlecj on April 05, 2008)

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