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zink 03-30-2008 8:04 AM

My father in law went to purchase a slalom ski at No Wake Marine in Ohio, and was on his way out the door when Bill Barton walked in.One of the workers told him bill was the man to talk to about slalom skis. My father in law was star struck and said he was a super nice guy and helped him decide on a HO monza and gave him his # telling him to call him when he gets it and he would be happy to set the ski up for him. What a good person to give 5 or 10 min. of his time and advice to a stranger.Thanks Bill you made his day (he was so excited to tell me about it he was like a kid)

kstateskier 03-31-2008 6:46 PM

Who is Bill Barton? I'm lost I guess.

zink 04-01-2008 2:31 PM

he was in the last issue of waterski mag. testing slalom skis . I think he is a pro but not sure. he was super nice and very helpful to my father in law. google his name with waterski

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