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mrm2083 03-23-2008 3:09 PM

I need to make a short film for my motion pictures class and am having a very difficult time thinking of a plot. It needs to be 3-5 minutes long. It can be about anything i want but, it has no dialogue ( the camera, a bolex, has no sync sound). I can add a voice over, sound effects, music, etc in post production. I only have a day to shoot it so it has to be rather simple. I'm trying to think of something that can be shot mostly indoors, would be realistic with college aged actors, and it must have a plot with a resolution. all this must be done in no more than 5 minutes and with no dialogue. Any ideas? I really need some help and i need to turn in a plot by tuesday

brinks 03-23-2008 7:11 PM

Here is a 24 hour project I had to do for one of my classes. I did all the shooting and editing and other kids from my group did all the acting. We had a 6 minute limit and we went over about 1 minute or so. I really couldn't chop it up anymore. It take a little bit to load. <BR><a href="http://www.virb.com/1514977624304863/videos/31035" target="_blank">http://www.virb.com/1514977624304863/videos/31035</a>

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