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supreme_rob 03-23-2008 9:21 AM

I have an 05' boat and trailer that is stored outside,the tires tread wise are in good shape but I noticed some sun damage on a couple of the tires ie: spider cracks on the side wall. Should I worry about this and just replace the tires or is this just cosmetic. Also the trailer sits all winter and although I keep the tires aired up, is it just part of ownership to replace trailer tires every few years when your in a posistion of outside storage.

gbugg19 03-23-2008 9:42 AM

Sounds like dry rot. If you trailer often or long distances I would consider new tires. or at least keep a good spare and necessary tools to change it.

malibupilot 03-23-2008 11:12 AM

G E T N E W T I R E S. <BR> <BR>Unless you only drive a mile or two to launch, get new ones. I was in the same situation and one-after-another, they all blew out.

mkperceptions 03-23-2008 11:17 AM

Get new tires. Also to preserve your new set try using tire covers to keep the sun off of them. Atleast i the winter or when storing for a long time.

1boarder_kevin 03-23-2008 12:23 PM

I agree completely. Unless you never go over 20 mph, get new tires. If you blow one, you will be replacing a 500 fender and may even wreck. <BR> <BR>trailer tires are very different than car tires as the sidewalls have a lot of force applied to them. I personally will never run a trailer tire anywhere close to wearing out the tread. <BR> <BR>I personally like goodyear marathons

lakeski 03-23-2008 12:44 PM

Check your tire stems, too. They can rot and cause a blow out, as well.

ottog1979 03-23-2008 10:04 PM

Get new tires. Mine were 5 years old, plenty tread left. On our trip to Powell last summer from San Diego, we threw a tread off. It wrapped around the trailer fender and bent it like it was tin foil. Now, in addition to a $450 set of new trailer tires I have probably as much in bodywork &amp; paint to get the trailer fender fixed. No damage to the boat, but the bill could have been more.

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