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bmartin 03-18-2008 12:17 PM

I understand the osmotic cause of blisters, but wanted to know if you have them and do not fix them, will they cause additional permanent damage??? <BR> <BR>The previous owner stored the boat in the water and it had some blisters when I bought it. I got the boat for a really good price because of the blisters and to be honest the blisters really do not bother me that much as they are barely noticable and now I keep the boat on a lift so they are not getting worse. Not saying I like the blisters and if there was a quick easy fix, I would fix them. If the reason for fixing the blisters is primarily cosmetic, then I will keep it the way it is, but just wanted to know if anyone here had experience in the marine fiberglass/gel coat arena that could offer any advice.

jaybee 03-18-2008 12:35 PM

I actually have a question on this topic as well. If you get the blisters fixed should you be able to see where they were? I had a problem with blistering and got them fixed (money did not come out of my pocket) but you can still see where they were. I am wondering if they did a half ass job seeing as it came out of "someone else's" pocket?

bmartin 03-18-2008 12:38 PM

John - Did insurance or a warranty pay for your repair?

jaybee 03-18-2008 12:46 PM

Well unfortunately part of the deal was i would not discuss the details but it was not the insurance company.

jpuckett 03-18-2008 1:03 PM

John, <BR> <BR>What color was repaired? From what I've been told that white is the easest to repair. You should not see where it was done. Now for dark colors that is a different story. After repairing a dark color I've been told that you will be able to see it after a couple of years.

jaybee 03-18-2008 1:11 PM

UGHHHHHHH I knew it. Yes it was on the white part of the hull. If i can get a few more confirmations, one of the "top 3" is being put on blast.

99_slaunch 03-18-2008 4:04 PM

"Well unfortunately part of the deal was i would not discuss the details but it was not the insurance company" <BR> <BR>This sound like a deal made by a manufacture. I'm guessing Nautique by you're profile pic. I have asked this before. How many deals like this are made? Keeps everyone quiet and uninformed. A good repair should never be seen on any color. Some colors are harder than others to achieve that.

tanner 03-18-2008 4:16 PM

I might be screaming at CC for a new boat John, but I doubt they'd do it. <BR> <BR>At the Lake, <BR>It will eventually lead to delamination if you don't take care of it. <BR><a href="http://www.capsante.com/Articles/osmotic.htm" target="_blank">http://www.capsante.com/Articles/osmotic.htm</a>

trickyboarder08 03-18-2008 4:39 PM

I have a blister on my left hand. So now when I go to the lake I have to wear gloves. <BR> <BR>Lol <BR>Sorry guys, I had to.

tanner 03-18-2008 4:42 PM

Don't laugh.... when I first opened this thread I was expecting to see a story about 3rd degree burns from hot Vinyl...lol.

riverside 03-18-2008 11:34 PM

bottompaint. <BR>5 layers of gel-schield by inter and 2 anti-fouling layers.and your set for the next years to come.Not the cleanest repair but affordable and more durable than a gelcoat repair. <BR>Gel-schield is 100% waterproof...gelcoat isn,t

roverjohn 03-19-2008 9:19 AM

If you already have blisters you can see you will likely have forming blisters that you can't so doing a repair is a waste of time unless you are 100% sure that your LAST blister has become visible. JMO but if your boat has any blisters and it's less than 10 years old I would consider it defective and demand a new hull. Likely the warranty would be up long before that so your demand would be laughed at but I would never agree to keep my mouth shut unless the defective hull is replaced.

roverjohn 03-19-2008 9:23 AM

BTW, CURED resin is not water soluble. The blisters form when acidic salts get dissolved within the hull. This can't happen with properly mixed and cured resin which is why all boats don't get blisters. Waterproofing your hull is pretty much a waste IMO because it does not stop the root cause of the blisters and water will get in there eventually.

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