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02-26-2003 7:57 PM

Theres alot on non-conventional skiing methods im trying to use. The surfboard and body board were simple ones. The eski lid was from the tv(solo post), and the ski-chair(solo post again). The next chair im making after that is like a bucket seat on a wakeboard at the end with feet straps at the other. Im gonna fiber it myself so it has deep inbuilt fins. <BR> <BR>Heres the question. Whats the most weird thing that you have every ridden on? <BR> <BR>Im thinking of somehow getting a long plank of somekind and having battles to say on it while being towed 2+ people. <BR> <BR>Ive seen a big tramp that you tow out into the middle then jump off, but i want to somehow make it so you bounce off while skiing. <BR> <BR>For $8 you can have the best fun on two ski's. Me and a mate got up with a pool noodle each and had a big battle. They float when dropped, have a bit of force behind them but not enoigh to hurt. <BR> <BR>Anyone got something weird? Please people, give me some inspiration!

03-02-2003 5:23 AM

One to all to the list, i just saw the movie "Jackass" and they somehow stuck a bike to a wakeboard. They tied the rope to the bike. So when your going along it looks like your riding on the water. Then they tried to go over a ramp and bailed.

kristian 03-19-2003 8:47 PM

I saw a bike to, but not on jackass, soemone put a chrome BMX on a board. I'm thinking you could go really pimp and put on of those cruisers on a board. <BR>also in a trailer for some video mag there was a guy wakeskating on a door. with the door knob still on to.

timmy 03-24-2003 9:15 PM

hmm an old scrap piece of plywood and a lawn chair is about as weird as I have gotten. also a variant of that with the plywood and a 5 gal bucket

03-27-2003 2:08 PM

Never try to tube on a real innertube. We tied a rope around a normal tube and drug it behind the jetski. It was all funny until I got flushed through the little hole, ass first, in a turn.

socalwakepunk 03-27-2003 2:50 PM

Man, that all we had when I was a kid. Rope tied around it made it look like a big black sausage. I guess that makes me what, about a hundred?

tdeneka 03-28-2003 7:54 AM

Yeah, the tubes now are terrible!!! With the old ones (we had the big yellow one) you could fall halfway off, but still hold on through the hole. The covered tubes are a dissappointment.

03-30-2003 8:47 PM

<BR>Covered tubes can be alot of fun, if there coverd correctly. <BR> <BR>Ive noticed the ones in the shops, dont bother slow as! <BR> <BR>The tube i use comes from a tractor. They then canvased it the whole way round leaving a hole to sit in, but no go through. This thing rules! <BR> <BR>I have ridden a normal tube, and this one. I'll let u guess which one i like better. <BR> <BR>I have heard that someone has managed to get a mining truck tyre and do the same thing. If you havent seen them they make tractor tyres looks like wheels on a skateboard. On this you can stack heaps of people on. Sounds fun but dangerious. Only heard not seen or ridden. <BR>

06-02-2003 1:00 PM

What I think would be really sweet, is if you threw a trampoline out into the middle of the water, and have this phatty ramp behind it, (but make sure you have enough room to hit the ramp then land on the tramp and get some fat air.) Not exactly sure if this would work too well, lol...but it's probably worth a shot that Adam might want to give a try. I'm thinking that if you hit the tramp you might fly foward and smash up your face, I don't know....it'd be sweet though.

ndh2o 06-02-2003 1:10 PM

About the wacky noodles mentioned above, dueling on the wakeskates with them is really fun.

sn0w 06-02-2003 2:00 PM

sitting on a 2' piece of styrofoam getting pulled behind a 12' aluminum fishin' boat.

06-05-2003 6:45 AM

About the tramp, i was thikning if you could get one that looks like a tube upsidedown thats springy. But a bigger version. Then tow it behind a boat with 5+ people on it and the last one standing wins!

07-01-2003 9:35 AM

I have gotten up on a paddle.

07-01-2003 9:51 AM

We were bored last week so we went around the house looking for stuff. We came across an old skimboard from the beach. This is just an egg-shaped piece of plywood that's been urethaned, waxed (slick as snot top and bottom), and curved up a bit at the ends. <BR> It was a bit like riding a trick ski with no bindings. <BR> <BR>

kylek306 07-06-2003 11:17 AM

The only ones i've tried are a boat paddle, piece of styrofoam, and i tried to ski on a ski belt one time but wasn't to easy.

07-09-2003 10:05 AM

This was fun over July 4 weekend since it was so rough. Used a full faced motorcycle helmet. Then blacked out the visor, named it blind skiing. Pretty cool, ya can't hear anything, or see anything. The best part is guessing if you are inside the wake or outside. The helmet fills up with water really quick, don't strap it on.

07-09-2003 11:58 AM

Umm... and this is fun... why?

07-09-2003 6:22 PM

Speaking of makig up stuff, is there anyway to make an air chair yourself. I really want one but I dont feel like paying all that money. If anyone has any ideas please tell me. Thanks. <BR> <BR>Scott

yeaitsmemarc 10-11-2003 5:20 PM

scott buy a used one <a href="http://www.skyski.com" target="_blank">www.skyski.com</a> go to products then like "3rd party gear" and you can pick one up for cheap.. i'd stay away from Airchairs.

10-14-2003 6:10 PM

dude we do that stuff all the time we have turned a table upsidedown and skiid but dont get planed up all the way cause ull nose dive, and surfboards with chairs on them, and we have done 2 peeps on one surf boards that was fun, you can ski on pretty much ne thing that has a flat side

10-21-2003 4:28 PM

I got up on a molded floor mat for a truck. I started on my belly and then once it got plained out i got on my knees.

eternalshadow 10-23-2003 12:51 PM

Still have to try a GT snowracer, and some sledding disks.

wakehype 10-25-2003 11:34 AM

Well, I have a weird way to ride, on my wakeboard. <BR> <BR>When I get up (standing on my board with it under my feet) <BR> <BR>When I get it up on the surface, or pretty much anytime im riding, I break loose, turn my board sideways and sit down, so my ass is right above my board and im like sliding, its acctually pretty fun, and you can screw around with new people because they think you look dumb

janzy 08-03-2004 2:43 PM

Weirdest thing I rode on was a GT Snowracer. Wasn't such a great idea tough. We had strapped some foam on it to keep it from sinking, and when I fell down, my foot got caught in one of the straps and the driver didn't stop, so I got dragged underwater. Eventually he stopped and I didn't get hurt, but I have to tell you, these 20 seconds I spent under the water were the longest seconds of my life. I had time to think of many newspapers titling "Local dumbass dies trying to ride a steerable sled behind a boat"... <BR> <BR>And we have that on video!

08-04-2004 10:01 AM

When I was younger we used to make plywood discs and get behind the boat on them with stools then climb up on the stool and do spins. This was also a way to learn to barefoot before hydroslides were around. Sit on the disc and dip your feet in the water and go from there.

08-04-2004 7:07 PM

no way! we have a 3ft diameter marine plywood disc and we stand onto of the barstool and do spins. its from back in the day when my dad first went sking, he sits on the stool and drinks a beer tho. also he stands on the stool lets go and does a back flip off the stool into the water, haven't tried that yet.

08-05-2004 8:03 AM

Edward, we used to do all of that stuff. It was probably 20+ years ago before all the toys were around. I still remember the first kneeboard and getting a skurfer when they were brand new.

cool_dude 08-05-2004 8:02 PM

a circle of play wood and a lawn chair bolted on. yup, good stuff

jorellz 08-06-2004 11:19 AM

In regards to the Snowracer...we have done that. Only we replaced the skis with water skis...and then added a fin to the front ski for turning. Worked...ummm not to bad! lol Although we crashed alot. <BR>On another note, we take snowmobiles on the river and wakeboard behind. Its a rush to be going 40 miles and hour by fishermen! lol <BR> <BR>Jase

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