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05-31-2001 9:34 AM

Does anyone have any suggestions on throwing a tantrum? Everytime I try it I end up stretched out and landing flat like a sideways railey on my face and chest. This is quite painful so I would like to remedy this as soon as possible. Thanks for any help. <BR> <BR>Robby Rentfrow

05-31-2001 10:57 AM

i wish i could help a lot on this but i am too try to land this one. one thing i have picked up is to wait longer and have a better cut if you arent getting all the way around....recently i also heard to almost stomp the board when you are going to release off the wake???/

05-31-2001 12:05 PM

I'm VERY inconsistent on this trick, but I think I have the most success when I cut to the outside, build my edge pretty quickly, and build enough speed so I can flatten out early to prepare for the trick while still carrying speed into the wake. My main problem is jumping too early and not getting any air. If you wait for the wake properly, think about keeping your arm in a little bit. I tend to get laid out like you mention when I have my arm totally straight. Also, put your head straight back, or even look toward your back shoulder a little, as a lot of people, me included, tend to keep their faces pointed toward the boat more, which leads to you jumping AWAY from the boat rather than perpendicular to it. <BR> <BR>Don't worry too much about "throwing" the trick; you'll flip faster than you expect when you get the mechanics down, and you don't need hardly any air to complete it. Good Luck.

05-31-2001 12:38 PM

If you aren't rotating enough you are probably throwing it too early like texasphil said. Because you flatten out at the wake which kind of slows you down its helpful to get a good hard cut. <BR>I try to cut really hard just like your going for a big wake jump and get alot of speed. If you wait until the top of the wake to initiate the flip, the wake and board will do the rest of the work and rotate. If you suck your knees in a little you'll rotate faster too, and this will help progression to the indy tantrum.

05-31-2001 4:38 PM

Okay im not a pro or anything but i do have my tantrums down pat. All you do is cut in with a pretty strong edge to the wake, dont be scared, the bigger you go the more time you have. K now print this part out and tape it to ur had so you have it when you are boarding to refer to, EDGE ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE WAKE, DONT STOP TILL YOU KNOW UR IN THE Air, then let go with one hand to help square up, and simply look over your head for the shore, spot landing and boom you got it. its easier the bigger you go, trust me! good luck and reply back with results

05-31-2001 4:39 PM

i forgot to add, everyone says that its the most effortless flips out there!

06-01-2001 12:25 PM

On a tantrum you want to take aprogressive cut toward the wake and DO NOT flatten out until you reach the top of the wake. Then, as you reach the top you want to square up and try to point your toes. I know it sounds silly but what it does is make you transfer from your heel edge to your toe edge and will kick you straight up. Throw your head straight back and try to spot the opposite shoreline. Tuning your head either direction will result in either turning blind or most likely fakie. Once you get to kicking your head straight back pull the handle in, spot the shoreline and keep your chest up.

06-05-2001 5:11 PM

Go to www.worldofwakeboarding.com . Jeremy Kovak shows a killer instructional video, on how to do a tantrum.

06-24-2001 8:16 PM

Some people say go on toeside edge before you hit the wake, some not, what is it?

06-27-2001 11:04 AM

I'm not a pro at all, in fact a tantrum is the only flip I can land, but I found the trick is to make sure your in the air before you start your flip. The higher you go the easier it will be to land. Once your airborne just throw your head back like your doing a back flip on a trampoline. <BR>By the way, If anyone has any tips on how to grab it indy let me know, I can get close but I always come up short.

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