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mckenna 03-06-2008 2:40 PM

ok so ive just bought a handle with the T bar thing... never used it before... <BR> <BR>was wondering if anyone had tips on wrapped 3s <BR> <BR>i ride goofy... was wondering how u wrap it round your body... was motivated by the amount of wrapped tricks by randall on transgression but cant get my head around how he is doing it... <BR> <BR>cheers.

robertr720 03-07-2008 3:37 PM

wrapped tricks are fun, but difficult to learn as far as not getting worked goes. You are goofy so to spin heelside frontside you will cut out on your toeside edge, do it quickly and with a little force so that the rope gets slack in it on the way out and you continue to drift towards the flats. Once there is slack in the line, you will pull in the rope and wrap it around the front of yourself until the t bar is in you back hand and the regular handle is hanging down behind you, you will reach behind you with your front hand and grab the handle. This all happens pretty quickly but once you are done you are wraped up and ready. At this time the line should just be getting tight again and will begin to pull you back in towards the wake. You are pretty much commited to trying a wrapped 3 at this point. Use a slightly stronger edge than your normal 3 if you only go wake to wake and cut in. You will pop just like normal and spin just like normal. If you do not wait to spin then you will get worked. you will start to unwrap and will feel a jerk on the handle, don't jerk back just resist the pull and that should be enough to get you around. Try different various grabs once you get the spin down. It is not that hard to take it to 5 from there either. Good luck bro.

mckenna 03-09-2008 7:10 PM

cheers mate.

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