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fwtt 03-05-2008 5:59 PM

Im a 4th year industrial design student currently working on a wakeskating specific watercraft concept. I need to know what you want, from handle, to seating, to hull. <BR>Keep in mind this boat will be small (165" x 65")

treycleaton 03-05-2008 6:31 PM

I want a nice rampy wake, almost like a quarter pipe! You need a bigger hull to displace that kinda water, though..

fontain06 03-06-2008 6:53 AM

board racks that actually fit the bigger skates.

proho 03-06-2008 10:03 PM

wakeskaters don't tend to be boat nazis like wakeboarders. Good gas mileage and being able to turn around and pick up a rider quickly is a plus.

sinkoumn 03-07-2008 8:17 AM

it would be pretty sweet to have a place that drip dry shoes, or the boat has a compartment that is fed with an air scoop to dry shoes faster while underway. Gotta fight the stink somehow!

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