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sunsport 02-20-2008 10:24 PM

So I live on a private lake where there is a lot of money. Being a private lake they can make up the rules as they please. Recently they have created a commitee to evaluate the problems associated with large wakes and what to do about them. Obviously this could go down a bad path. Well luckily a friend and I have snuck onto this committee of 7. They are proposing time limitations/restrictions on water activities, which seems like a REALLY bad idea. Has anyone had experience riding on a waterway with this kind of limitations? Any thoughts on if it works or not? <BR> <BR>Skiing made me board, <BR>Lyle <BR>Chrome Dome

spicychalupa69 02-20-2008 10:34 PM

one lake i ride on theres no wake before noon...i HATE that, the other, my secret spot, its no wake before 8 am which is fine, we get there at 7:30, fill the ballast, get stuff ready, and at 7:59, the first rider jumps in the water. Its fine, depending on the time limitations it should be no problem at all unless you like boarding at 6 am. My favorite is around 8 am, not too late, and not too early, good luck!

sidekicknicholas 02-20-2008 10:39 PM

Our lake is No Skiing between 10:00a.m and 8:00 p.m./sunset --it is a public lake but they still own us...but who can ride before 10:00 anyway, not me. <BR> <BR>As far as a wake, hide the ballast and there is nothing they can do...they can't make you sell your boat

02-20-2008 10:54 PM

the lake i'm on we can only make a wake between 11:30 and 7:30, which pretty much sucks because all the jet skis and tubers just wait at their docks for 11:30 most days and then the entire lake is shot and only calms down every few hours, so i have to be ready for the small chance to get some good water, or i just suck it up in ride in the chaos. then there are the times that i stay up at the lake all week and have perfect water from monday to friday. i guess if you get restrictions you'll have to get good a judging when people will take breaks and make for the water.<font face="verdana,arial,helvetica"></font>

rallyart 02-21-2008 9:11 AM

One thing that will be of concern is noise in the morning. Maybe addressing that is better than limiting water activities. Hearing kids laughing at 8am is much less offensive than hearing exhaust noise or a stereo. You can make your boat pretty quiet.

bmartin 02-21-2008 9:17 AM

I feel sorry for all you guys with time restrictions. The only time restriction I deal with is how early my crew can get their A##'s out of bed! It kills me sometimes to look out my window and see pure butter at 8A and no one else is ready to go until 10A. <BR> <BR>One remote possibility that might make time restrictions attractive is if they divided the day by activity; fishing 8P-9A, skiing/wakeboarding 9A-1P, PWC - tubers - cruising 1P-6P, Free for all 6P - 8P. Then wakeboarders would not have to deal with people driving in all directions on a lake when they ride. If the discussion heads down that path you might suggest wakeboarders will give up some time, if you can have your own time as a compromise.

nick_in_ssp 02-21-2008 9:48 AM

Edar, witch lake has the noon restriction? I ride on DeMontreville and they also have a noon start for more than wake speed and that has to be pretty close to you.

westsidarider 02-21-2008 11:18 AM

yea i dont know that i would be able to put up with restriictions like these, or any restrictions at all. i would deffiantely have to move to a location with a lake that has none of these. i have a feeling though that the way our country is going that all waterways will one day be restricted in one way or another.

sunsport 02-21-2008 11:28 AM

Well if we are forced to make time restrictions we are going to push for: Fishing 4:00 am to 5:30 am. Cruising 9:30 pm to 2:30 am (the bars close in Oregon 2:00 am and we will nee to cruise home) and then tubing from 2:45 am to 3:15 am (got to let the water calm down for the fishermen), then wakeboarding from 5:31 am to 9:29 pm. Kayakers can be out there when ever because they are fun to rail slide. I think they enjoy it also. <BR> <BR>Actually in seriousness you guys with time restrictions on your lakes do you know why and how they came about? <BR> <BR>Skiing made me board, <BR>Lyle <BR>Chrome Dome

spicychalupa69 02-21-2008 11:55 AM

Nick, <BR> <BR>Lake Elmo in Minnesota, No wake before Noon, it sucks unless its a weekday and everyone is in class or work. We usually hit up a lake in WI where there's no wake before 8am, so we get there at like 7:30

wakedad33 02-21-2008 12:44 PM

Lyle, dosen't Oswego already have ballest restrictions, might be time to move or just ride the river.

dizzyg 02-21-2008 1:34 PM

we are on a public lake, no wake before 8:00am. Some days I wish we could start earlier, but most of the time I'm happy to sleep a little longer. Those holiday weekends stink though

mjmurphy53711 02-21-2008 1:37 PM

5 a.m is where its at, those who know and can, know.

xbones 02-23-2008 10:11 AM

Agreed...5am is the shizzle. There's not a boat in sight...a little fog and nothin' but glass. <BR> <BR>Gives you and your crew a chance to fellowship without saying anything....Throw on some mellow music and roll. <BR> <BR>Nothing better.

themann39 02-23-2008 10:49 AM

On our lake in Michigan you can only ride from 11am to 7:30pm. It kinda sucks but its nice to have the lake nice and quiet at night. I grew up riding on a lake like this so I am used to it. It helps to have Mondays off during the summer so that you can have good water all day.

pottsy 02-23-2008 12:31 PM

My spot is no wake until 10am and nothing after dark. It doesn't really make a huge difference for me. I would actually rather have that rule so I don't have to get up at 6am every morning and fight for the water.

vin 02-23-2008 1:50 PM

why does it matter when the wake hits the bank, 6am or 10pm, its still the same bank and same size wake,im lost.

hawk7 02-23-2008 7:03 PM

make a no ballast rule, it will prepare everyone for next years INT Championships<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/proud.gif" border=0>

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