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derek23 02-13-2008 11:09 AM

Anyone know how the wake is on these boats? Also, what are they going for?

02-13-2008 11:40 AM

Depending on how they are equipped, the Falcon V is about 40-43k if you have a few options on them (perfect pass, 330 scorpion engine, etc.). <BR> <BR>The wake behind the Falcon is pretty good. It is a really rampy wake with a smooth lip at the top. Its a killer wake for beginners-intermediate riders and is actually pretty sweet on the upper end if you load it up with quite a bit of weight. The nice thing about the boat is that it is really deep and has a lot of storage, so if you really want to load it up you can. All together its an awesome boat for the money.

suckbuthavefun 02-13-2008 12:24 PM

There was one at the St Louis boat show. I think it was $39,999 <BR> <BR>Tim

silverwake 02-13-2008 3:50 PM

The boat we had at the STL boat show was actually the first one I've seen in person, and I was really impressed. There's a ton of room and despite the price, it doesn't (IMO) look like an intro boat. I think Centurion really has a winner with this model. Now if only they could get it approved for Lake St. Louis...

sailing216 02-13-2008 5:05 PM

If I didn't just buy an Avalanche, I'd be haggling on a Falcon V. Sounds like a good wake and what made me go Avy over Elite V was the width of the boat. I wanted 100+" beam. <BR> <BR>Falcon might fit in the garage, but too late now.

cbk 02-13-2008 6:08 PM

Joe - If you got an Avy...I highly doubt you'll be missing anything by not getting the Falcon. The Falcon is a sweet boat for the money and like Don said, it doesn't look like an entry level boat.

derek23 02-14-2008 9:12 AM

Sounds like a great boat...I may have to look into it once I can afford one

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