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beanboy 02-11-2008 7:52 PM

First of all--yes, I did search. <BR> <BR>Summary: need a way to keep medical-related sites from getting ripped out of my hips during hard falls. <BR> <BR>I just went on the Medtronic pump AND Constant Glucose Monitoring System (CGMS). It's the latter that I'm concerned about coming loose--just from wearing both around for a few days I can tell that the CGMS sensor 'catches' on things a lot easier. I have to wear the sites on my hip--stomach is out. <BR> <BR>It is already taped down with a large patch of clear medical tape, so that is out of the question. My question was this: does anyone wear some sort of 'rash guard' type material under their normal swimsuit/boardshorts to hold in their pump/CGMS sites? I just figure wearing something that holds the sites tightly to the skin is my best bet against the sites getting caught on something and ripped out.

joshbuzz 02-11-2008 8:00 PM

wearing a shorty year round would prob help, I don't have diabetes, but it wouldn't get hot, and should hold everything in place!!

bcmach 02-11-2008 8:21 PM

if thats too hot you could use an old wetsuit to make a tube top thing and wear it around your hip/the device like a big belt to hold it in place

ponyh8r 02-11-2008 9:17 PM

jetpilot ride shorts should hold it in place.

beanboy 02-11-2008 9:53 PM

Thanks for the jetpilot idea. That's exactly the type of suggestion I'm looking for. I'll go check them out.

beanboy 02-11-2008 10:00 PM

Ok, Jetpilot rideshorts are not going to work...they appear to be too much like a normal bathing suit. <BR>In reality it's going to have to be something more like what Josh/Brian suggested....pretty tight so it holds flush to my skin. Its just that I need it to breathe/be kind of thin since it gets hot as HELL down here in Texas in the summer...

joshbuzz 02-12-2008 1:14 AM

were are you in Texas?? I'm in College Station, and will be in Houston all summer!

phantom5815 02-12-2008 4:35 AM

Have you looked at Speedo products? I know they make a ligtwt unitard for triathletes. Not as heavy as a wetsuit, but it it fairly tight fitting. <BR><a href="http://www.speedousa.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/category.content/categoryID/9bbcd753-c73d-4be4-a625-3e3d26df77d2/" target="_blank">http://www.speedousa.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/category.content/categoryID/9bbcd753-c73d-4be4-a625-3e3d26df77d2/</a>

beanboy 02-12-2008 7:20 AM

Phantom: Speedo is a good idea. Under their 'racing' section they have several options that look like they'll work...now I just need to see some in person. <BR> <BR>Got a lakehouse on Richland Chambers (Corsicana, TX) but am from Dallas. Season starts 3 March (friends coming down from GA on spring break). Texas is so weird..last week it went from nearly 80 to 27 degrees in 36 hours. I'm hoping for the former, or it's going to be cold as hell. Water temp is currently 52 degrees.

joshbuzz 02-12-2008 8:46 AM

We've ridden in the 52 degree water for the past two weekends. it's pretty cold, but not as bad as what some of these guys from up north are doin!!

rc005 02-12-2008 8:55 AM

hey nike and underarmour put out a spandex material shorts.. they take the place of your boxers/ underwear and are tight against the skin.. i use them for weightlifting and are actually used to keep you cool.. here you are hope the link works.. <a href="http://www.sportsauthority.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2795995&amp;cp=2076442.1312349 .1320889.1320918&amp;parentPage=category" target="_blank">http://www.sportsauthority.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2795995&amp;cp=2076442.1312349 .1320889.1320918&amp;parentPage=category</a>

dudeman 02-12-2008 9:46 AM

Parker, if you find something that works, post it up. My son's best friend is a diabetic and rides with us all the time. His sites are always getting ripped out. I think he just gave up on it. We just make sure we have whatever he needs on the boat to keep him from getting seriously ill.

slowjet 02-12-2008 9:47 AM

My sister is a Type 1 also. She takes her pump off to ride. She leaves the set in but takes the lines and pump off. Then just reconnects it when she gets back into the boat.

uppledup17 02-12-2008 10:29 AM

Parker, <BR>My GF is a diabetic and wears the same pump as you. When she rides she wears either a rash guard from Jet Pilot or she wears the form fitting Under Amoruer. They are very lightweight and tight to her body so it keeps her infusion set stable and shows off her assets, bonus for me.

blastmaster 02-12-2008 4:55 PM

My 16 yr old son has an Animas and has had insets ripped out. He has tried taping them with clear tape &amp; it helps but the life jacket still rips them out on occasion because he uses his belly. <BR>We have thought of using a velcro kidney belt for motorcycle riding or a back brace that is cheap. <BR>I'll watch here and see what other suggestions come up. He always unhooks and leaves pump in the boat. Do you ride with yours? There is another poster named Brad(Taz) that has a 14 yr old daughter who may post up some ideas. <BR>Rick

beanboy 02-12-2008 5:36 PM

Tape is out. Like I said, this is even more difficult than a standard pump inset because I'm trying to keep a CGMS site in as well-and it is not nearly as flush against the skin as pump sites are. <BR> <BR>I don't see why some tight-fitting solution that takes the place of underwear like Speedo/Nike/Underarmor won't work. I am hoping that is my solution. I probably won't know for sure, however, for a while, because in March you can bet I'll be in a wetsuit, which will effectively serve the same purpose as those other solutions. <BR> <BR>So people know exactly what I'm talking about, here's a picture of a CGMS site <a href="http://drea-girlonthego.blogspot.com/2007/03/minimeds-new-minilink-transmitter.html" target="_blank">http://drea-girlonthego.blogspot.com/2007/03/minimeds-new-minilink-transmitter.html</a> <BR>The CGMS thing that I'm worried about is the cream colored mushroom shaped device on the right. It is about 1" in diameter, and does not have anything tacky on it that sticks it to your skin--it is held down by tape, and is thus very susceptible to 'catching' on things and getting yanked up and out. OUCH. <BR> <BR>I just got my pump less than a week ago. I will not ride with mine...there's no way I'm going to ride with an $8000 device when I'm falling hard enough to get a concussion. Additionally, leaving the pump connected exponentially raises the risk of the site being ripped out, because if the pump comes loose even in a minor fall you can bet it will raise the chances of ripping the site out with it. Seems like it would only be a matter of time before the pump would come off during a hard/awkward fall.

fletch_tx 02-12-2008 6:47 PM

Parker....Oneil also makes the Hammer wetsuit shorts....2/1 thickness....maybe those will work as well. Just do a google search for Oneil Hammer wetsuit shorts....easy to find.

uppledup17 02-13-2008 8:14 AM

Hi-jack, <BR>Parker, How do you like using the CGMS so far? My GF is looking into it and was curious what your thoughts are. Shoot me a PM if possible. End Hi-jack.

SDEndurance 08-30-2012 1:28 AM

Ha I just posted looking for this....actually I was firstly wondering if the medtronic cgms transmitter is waterprof. Also, can it talk to your pump on theboat while you ride? What way if things are looking bad...double down arrows, peole can cut your ride short

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