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malibuboarder75 02-10-2008 9:43 PM

Has anyone seen this? My girlfriend just got it for me for valentines. Probably the best present she ever got me. I thought the video was very good. The riding was amazing, excellent editing, and was about an hour long.

hawkeye7708 02-10-2008 9:50 PM

i saw the Trailer or whatever you'd wanna call it, there was some sweet riding in it

liquidmalibu 02-10-2008 10:44 PM

I watch Dean Smith's section every night... EPIC! <BR>You also have the ability to watch "Riding only" which is cool too. Isn't Mitch Langfield rediculously good for a 15 year old.

dooie 02-11-2008 12:08 AM

what is scott mackey's part like? he is a good mate of mine but i haven't seen the film yet

malibuboarder75 02-11-2008 5:42 AM

dooie, I cant remember, I watched it with my girlfriend pretty late. <BR> <BR>Dave, Mitch Langfield is amazing. When he would do those wake to wake BS 720s, I couldnt believe it. He could easily take it to 9. And his HS Mobe 5 was pretty tight.

liquidmalibu 02-12-2008 4:18 AM

yeah dude. he's out at the moment though. mitch broke his feema (sp?) about two months ago. <BR> <BR>Scott Mackeys part is pretty sick, but he and Scotty Broome share a section because they were both injured and didn't have heaps of footage. <BR> <BR>There is also an American section that has heaps cool stuff like Chad's indy ts double backroll, and Danny ts bs 7.

lachie_mew 02-12-2008 5:40 PM

didnt mitch hurt his knee

razorjaw 02-13-2008 1:00 AM

Yeah, it was his knee. <BR> <BR>And OzinUS is probably now one of my favorite DVD's.

dooie 02-21-2008 1:39 PM

i just got it yesterday great movie. but would have liked to hear a bit more voice over, like at the start of the movie

nath 02-22-2008 2:42 PM

mitch is friend of mine is australia he blew his knee out two days before the start of the pro tour in november and is out untill april i think <BR>im so stoked to hear that you guys like an australian made dvd because brad smeele landed a toe side 1080 a few days ago so the riding is so tight over here now its crazy

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