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rill420 02-09-2008 7:45 PM

Hey Folks, My new radio-show can be heard Sundays at 3pm pacific time on <a href="http://www.kcaaradio.com" target="_blank">www.kcaaradio.com</a> or 1050 AM in IE SoCal. <BR> <BR>College Teams Can Call In To Promote Events, Rider Events, Parties... <BR> <BR>I am Todd Weatherill. I am a wakeboard lifer, and will be supporting the Action-sports community. <BR> <BR>You can call into the show and talk to the guests, suggest show ideas, and listen to some great conversations and stories, or just call to wine. <BR> <BR>Mamui Abul Jamal documentary In Prison for Life (featuring Snoop, Mos Def, and many more)narrator and visionary William Francome will be on as a guest this Sunday as will Superman Illustrator Scott Stewart. <BR> <BR>The Todd Weatherill Show will feature comedy's best, activist and anti-social behavior, rant's from wake's gurus, and arguments about everything. <BR> <BR>Future guests coming on the show include: Action-sports legends like Rick Thorne, Jimmy Redmon, Keith Allen, and Maybe I might even persuade JB in a call or two. Get the Band back together. Top Comics like: Kristen Key, Roz, and many more friends. I will talk about medical marijuana, I live in the state...I will talk about chicks, partying, and of course...sports. But we will have tough subjects too, even finance 101 for the "hey-dude." <BR> <BR>Hell, I could go on forever, I guess that is why they gave me an hour. <BR> <BR>In the infamous words of Timothy Leary: <BR>Turn on, tune in, and drop out. <BR> <BR>Talk to you soon. <BR> <BR>Todd Weatherill <BR><a href="http://www.toddweatherill.com" target="_blank">www.toddweatherill.com</a>

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