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tj_in_kc 02-08-2008 12:16 PM

I got these bindings for my wife for her birthday (along w/ a Hyperlite Eden board). <BR> <BR>TROUBLE...is that she can't seem to get her foot in there, no matter how hard she pushes. <BR> <BR>does this seem right?? of course we are doing this in the living room, not in the water, will that make a big difference? should she try them on in the bathtub? <BR> <BR>i ordered the standard size, which should be fine she has regular feet, but i can't tell by any indication on the boot that they are the standards, not the mini's or something. <BR> <BR>Anyone have these, have any information on this?? <BR> <BR>she is a first timer, this is her first board.

maggiewss 02-08-2008 1:32 PM

yeah use dish soap... a lot of bindings are really hard to get into without sliming them or wetting them..

wakechic82 02-08-2008 2:22 PM

Great board choice. There is this special slime you can get at pro shops that is biodegradable. I don't have the symbol bindings, but there should be some kind of indication somewhere whether it is mini or standard.

tj_in_kc 02-08-2008 6:45 PM

turns out they are the standards, its marked on the package they came in. <BR> <BR>i think we are just gonna wait till summer, i'm sure they are the right size so they should work. it's cold as hell in KC this time of year. And if we try them in the bathtub i bet we crack the tub or someshing...

lizrd 02-08-2008 7:34 PM

I would spray a 50/50 mix of dishsoap and water in there and then those feet should slide right in. In the heat of summer my bindings always get more flexible, too. Another thing to check is that they are completely loosened - all the way down into the footbed. They should be difficult to get on and it takes some practice on how to leverage your foot in.

joshbuzz 02-13-2008 1:16 AM

lurking the girls section, on the back of the hype bindings where you would pull up on the backstrap there is a small tag that should sat STD. If it doesn't lemme know, I can tell you who to call at Hype to get em switched out for you!! Sometimes stuff gets mixed up in boxes just like shoes!!

kerby 02-21-2008 3:11 PM

Our 07 symbols are marked on the front of the boot just above where your toes come out.

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