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clb 02-04-2008 7:40 PM

I am trying to get the season started started right and need some help with something I could not get past last year. When jumping single wakes I seem to get good pop and land with the handle on my hip. Everything good so far. My problem comes with w2w's. I get plenty of pop and distance, but just can not seem to keep the handle on my hip. I always seem to keep my arms extended and have nothing to give on landing. Boom, toe of board digs in and over I go. I have to tell you, that hurts! Any ideas, mental or otherwise on helping me keep the handle in so I have some room to give? I have now psyched myself out of w2w's because they hurt too much crashing.

dan_k 02-06-2008 6:33 AM

edge the whole way through the wake. keep the handle down low at your hip but not actually on your hip if you know what i mean.

robertr720 02-09-2008 1:19 PM

Yep, you are letting off your edge early and that is causing you to loose your line tension while hitting the wake. The rope is getting pulled away from you the whole time and when you land you are gonna go over the front. Great commitment on holding on though, most just let go when this happens. You can tell that this is gonna happen right off the wake, if that is the case then let go and save yourself the faceplant.. To help you not do this try cutting out about 3 or so feet less than you would for a w2w jump then come in on the same edge and with the shorter distance that you travel you are likely to pop later like you are used to and keep better line tension.

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