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dbdb 01-18-2008 4:22 PM

My wife is getting me a new board for my birthday, and I am not sure which way to go. I currently ride a Subjeckt 141 (I'm 6'1 & 175lbs). I can basically jump w2w heel and just recently toe. I live in Chicago so demoing a board is out of the question in Jan, and it pretty much is anyway since we don't have very many board shops that will let you demo. I am looking for a board that is a little less loose than my subjeckt, but won't punish me if land a little sideways. The subjeckt is the only board I have ever riden, so I can't compare it to much. I would like a board that pops a little more vertically as well. I was looking for something in the Liquid Force line, as they have been good to me in the past (swapping some of my wife's boards). Anyone know which board I should be paying most attention to. Once again...I can't demo before I buy (otherwise I wouldn't be posting). Thanks in advance

dakid 01-18-2008 4:27 PM

if you liked the subjekt, try the shane 140. big pop and super soft landings.

breakz77 01-18-2008 7:51 PM

As Joe said, go with the Shane

deltaridah 01-18-2008 8:03 PM

I have never ridden the subjeckt but i have the shane 140, I ride a marius mostly now but you cant go wrong with the shane its a great and fun board

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