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littletna 01-18-2008 1:39 PM

Has anyone ever surfed behind a Sea-Doo wake boat W/ 430 HP? Thinking about going that direction (No prop!) Any good? <BR>Thanks.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/smile.gif" border=0>

andy_nintzel 01-18-2008 1:44 PM

There is a guy out on my lake that has one and seems to surf behind it with no problem. Although the wake does not appear to be all that big. <BR> <BR>Good Luck.

snowboardcorey 01-18-2008 1:47 PM

Never tried it bt we had one come in on trade so I got to check it out a little. Main concern with surfing would be speed management, I'm not sure how steady of a speed you can hold around 10mph. <BR> <BR>Overall the hull was pretty deep and I think it would take some weight pretty well, but I would strongly recommend an inboard of some sort. Note I am biased and sell inboards. <BR> <BR>Try to talk with owners of both inboard and jet boats to see if they (the owners) are happy with their boats. Non owners will have opinions, but they may not be based off of actual time in or behind the boat.

littletna 01-18-2008 1:51 PM

Thanks for the quick input! The boat does have a perfect pass type set up.

owenitall 01-18-2008 2:04 PM

is it just me, but my perfect pass (2000 tige 23V) will not hold my boat speed at 10.7 mph as good as i can do it myself. i have to do it by hand. i am pretty sure that one would be the same way, but don't know. is this common for everybody else?

snowboardcorey 01-18-2008 2:09 PM

Have you tried adjusting your perfect pass settings. You may be able to get it to lock on a little better, there are two settings one is the KN and the other one escapes me right now. Your best bet is to call perfect pass and tell them whats going on, they should be able to walk you through it.

owenitall 01-18-2008 2:24 PM

no i haven't tried that, i only adjusted the TAPS. so perfect pass should hold very close at that slow of a speed?

towboat_222 01-18-2008 2:25 PM

I sell sea doo and a inboard line. If you are going to wakeboard most of the time inboard. If you are going to blast down the lake the Sea Doo. The inboard boat is easier to handle at slower speeds the Sea Doo wants to loft the bow to much. And wake size is smaller than a inboard.

snowboardcorey 01-18-2008 2:39 PM

It will depend on what version you are running, most of the newer models will handle down to about 8 miles an hour. Was your perfect pass installed in 2000 or was it added sometime after?

tsbs7 01-18-2008 2:52 PM

i would try it and see how it works. you might need to adjust the weight a couple times

kawaik 01-18-2008 3:30 PM

used to ride behind a yamaha 230. it was ok but nothing to brag about. it is certainly doable. that was the first boat my parents owned. in a way i think it helped me to learn proper technique especially on the wakeboard. they have since gone up to a tige and though i haven't personally ridden behind it yet i am pretty sure it will be a considerable difference.

owenitall 01-18-2008 7:48 PM

yeah corey, <BR>i have only had the boat for a year but i am pretty sure it was installed new (2000). i do have a new prop that will give me more low end torque (with all the ballast) so that may help it this summer, you think? i know it should help it hold a steadier speed in the 222-25 mph range.

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