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harris 01-18-2008 8:48 AM

what do u guys think?

wakedoctor 01-18-2008 9:06 AM

I had the JetPilot A-10 and wasn't to impressed with the whole comp vest trend. I had rather just have something that is approved and floats me. I ride the Hyperlite Agent now. It has the same features as a comp vest such as a snugg fit and allows full arm movement, but also a little more flotation in the front to keep an injured boarder face up.

denverd1 01-18-2008 9:08 AM

Gooru and baller are what i wear. not sure whats out for 08, but those are solid vests. baller will float you pretty good. gooru, a bit less, but enough to float your noggin.

caseman1322 01-18-2008 9:48 AM

jet pilot A-10 is nice and you don't the lack of flotation if you stand on top of the board in the water but I guess it's the life saving aspect of a life vest that is important. Honestly, the most important thing would be a third person in the boat. That should never give you a reason to not wear a vest but it makes it a little safer if your only wearing a comp vest. The baller is actually more comfortable but I like the look of the A-10 better.

downfortheride 01-18-2008 10:39 AM

I rock the A-10 vest and have no problem with the flotation, then somebody posted to get in the water and let all your air out and don't move, I sunk like a rock! I really like the feel of the A-10 but when I need it to it will not keep me above water. I really want to try the Gooru and see how it feels and floats. My next vest will be CGA...

absoluteboarder 01-18-2008 10:45 AM

....another a-10.........fits me like a glove...comfy and not bulky or tight or loose.....and it does lessen the impact to some degree (thats only from the sense I get.....I had some crashes that I feel would normally have knocked the wind out of me , but not with the a-10)

jbarber3orange 01-18-2008 11:16 AM

I think the gooru looks the coolest, I wore a jet pilot falcon last year and its comfy and floats ok for a comp vest. I'm trying the billabong sanford vest this year.

xbones 01-18-2008 11:25 AM

Helium Swat = Sex for your upper body.

jcas 01-18-2008 11:51 AM

I am a fan of the A-10 as well. The Baller is too bulky for me.

joshugan 01-18-2008 12:38 PM

A-10 is garbage, imo. Sure it's comfortable but so is not wearing a vest at all. I thought it was great but I took a really bad fall and after not surfacing, panicking, and finally swimming to the surface I never wore mine again. <BR> <BR>Also, there was a death last year from someone wearing an A-10 and it not floating him when he was knocked out. <BR> <BR>The Xcel Method is an awesome Non-USCG vest. It is segmented and has a thinner foam layer on the upper part of the vest. The lower part has thicker foam which provides pretty good flotation. My experience with the Method is that it won't pop you up quite as fast as a USCG but it does the job in ample time.

intotheflats 01-18-2008 1:17 PM

I just got one of the new Helium CGA vests, best vest ever. Range of movement is like a comp vest but floats really well. The only complaint I have is that a lot of the flotation is on the chest and back, which kind of makes it bulky. But it's still a sweet vest and really comfy

cmcathy1 01-18-2008 1:27 PM

I ride with the A -10 and it's great, it fits and feels awesome. It floats fine...as long as you're conscious.

pilot_ryder 01-18-2008 1:31 PM

oniell check vest sweet, <BR>i wear a vapor, way better floatation than an a-10 and it looks like a bullet proof vest

denverd1 01-18-2008 1:46 PM

not to be the pain in the ass of the group, but you should all do the test DFTR josh is talking about. no board, no air. see if you float. just so you know... stay safe. <BR> <BR>I HATE WINTER <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/crazy.gif" border=0>

watson_134_lf 01-18-2008 2:12 PM

i wore the a-10 last year, and the zipper broke, but i liked it. <BR>i have the guru now and its amazing. it feels like your wearing nothing. definatly like it better than the a-10

romes 01-18-2008 2:14 PM

O'neill Outlaw <BR> <BR>most comfortable vest i've worn out of all of the above mentioned...i'm gonna get a Gooru as well

dyost 01-18-2008 2:23 PM

I like the LF Hinge. It's segmented so you can move well and has large arm holes. It's not as bulky in the upper chest and back areas like some of the JP and Oneil approved vests. <BR> <BR>FYI, an CGA wake vest will not float you face up, nor are they required to. There are different CGA classes, the class that wake vests fall into only has to keep you on the surface with your lungs full of H20. <BR> <BR>I used to ride a non approved vest until I tried the "breathe out" trick. To each his own but I just don't risk it cause the hinge doesn't limit what I can do on the water.

tsbs7 01-18-2008 2:53 PM

i like the outlaw as well

owenitall 01-18-2008 7:58 PM

as far as looks go, i have an A-10, but i want this one, i think it is the sickest looking one ever. <BR> <BR><img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/65919/536089.jpg" alt="Upload">

shua789 01-18-2008 8:46 PM

oneill boost

ironj32 01-18-2008 9:20 PM

i love my oneill vapor.

bartush 01-18-2008 9:58 PM

i have the Ronix comp vest. fits me very snug, love it. I had a Jetpilot A-10 before it and i must say that the ronix vest was a lot more forgiving on hard landings.

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