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dudeman 01-17-2008 7:25 PM

From what I've read here, I'm guessing the newer '07 or '08 142 Transcend. Looks like the rocker has increased a little in the '08 model. I'm riding a 141 '06 Lute Plat and love the pop and landings, but I do not like how slow it rides. I don't have the luxury of a demo, so any input would be greatly appreciated. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by dudeman on January 17, 2008)

jarrod 01-18-2008 8:18 AM

Randy, <BR> <BR>I share the same feelings on the Absolute. <BR> <BR>I love the speed of the Transcend. For me, it snaps harder off the wake, because the speed helps me keep my timing on point. On big landings in the flats, the boards doesn't slow down as much, allowing you to keep your balance better. <BR> <BR>Not sure about your size/weight, but I was also able to drop down a size and ride the 138. It's still faster than a 141 Lute....for me.

dudeman 01-18-2008 8:25 AM

Thanks for the reply J-Rod. I'm about 5'8" and weight varies between 170-175. Thought about the 138 but wasn't sure and like I said, no opportunity to demo. I don't even know anyone that has ridden one of the newer models. I did have an '05 138 that I wasn't crazy about. I've read a lot of posts here that said the '07 is a big improvement, totally different board.

jarrod 01-18-2008 8:45 AM

I'm your same Weight/height. <BR> <BR>Where do you live?

guido 01-18-2008 8:57 AM

Oh yeah.... Not even comparable to the '05 shape. <BR> <BR>I liked the Absolute. I <u>love</u> the Transcend. I doubt you'd be disappointed. I'm also riding the 138. I'm 6' 160lbs.

dudeman 01-18-2008 9:46 AM

Live in NC. Thanks for the replies. I'll be looking to pick one up. J-Rod or Evan, either of you had a chance to try the '08 or are they not out yet?

innov8 01-18-2008 9:55 AM

The 08 is the same shape with a new graphic.

dudeman 01-18-2008 9:59 AM

My bad, I was looking at the 142. A little more rocker in the '08 model.

jarrod 01-18-2008 10:28 AM

I should have my 08 soon. <BR> <BR>So, my 138 plati is for sale.

dudeman 01-18-2008 10:31 AM

J-Rod, what are you looking to get for your 138 plati? You can send me a pm if you don't want to post it here.

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