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zink 01-16-2008 7:03 PM

We have a 93 i/o seaswirl 190. it makes a decent wake with no ballast and the prop trimmed up.i can get into the flats, but i want more .where in the boat should i place the weights.for ex. what percent in the front, middle, and back. Oh yeah i use 50 pnd sand bags.... I know,thats redneck right. u can see a little bit of the wake on my profile picture. thats with 2 people in the boat

mxflyer281 01-16-2008 7:19 PM

distribute the weight evenly from front to back is it an open bow if so place a 600# sac in the bow and 600# along the back seat that should get u a decent wake going

whitie 01-16-2008 9:48 PM

with I/O you want a more up front like 70/30.

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