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jamienz 01-16-2008 3:50 PM

I started wake boarding about a year ago, coming from a kiteboarding back ground. Things are going OK but I have hit a bit of a wall - everything I do seems to land me in the flats with lots of line tension. Roll to reverts, raleys etc no probs but trying to get consistent with mobes and whirlys, I seem to have way too much line tension. Even basic back rolls I cant land down the second wake at all - any tips on how I can slow it down a bit? I am getting hammered with mobes and the handle is getting ripped out of my hands - same with tantrum to blinds too.

absoluteboarder 01-16-2008 4:03 PM

........one thing that many people overlook is approach the wake with an arm bent style with your elbows closer to your body. If you jump with extended arms or dont bring them in or down when you jump it will always feel like there is too much tension.......if you watch videos of the pros they all approach the wake now with bent arms and in close for the most part. <BR> <BR>...with your arms bent you also can give some at the end...with straight you cant. also if your jumping a big wake, ramp jump it more at the end rather then holding the cut right into the wake...this should help with not going into the flats <BR> <BR> <BR> <BR>(Message edited by absoluteboarder on January 16, 2008)

andy_nintzel 01-16-2008 4:05 PM

take a smaller approach, one most moves like rolls and raleys you can actaully cut at the wake from like 10 feet away and have plenty of time to get the move around. Also you could try riding farther back the wake is wider farther back.

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