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bbr 01-14-2008 8:36 AM

Ok, so I went out yesterday and was trying a handle pass Roll to Blind, and a Tootsie Roll. I have all the associated tricks that you need to put these together. For some reason I just can't seem to get my head to turn away from the boat to get the rotation. <BR> <BR>The handle is close to my body, I just need to get the spin to actually get the handle. I have heard that if you can get the handle, you'll pretty much have the trick down. <BR> <BR>Any tips that anyone can give me?

toesideturtle 01-14-2008 9:31 AM

grow some balls you big puss!!!!!!

poodle 01-15-2008 6:06 AM

for the tootsie roll come in easy and squar up to the wake pop strait up and right away throw your front sholder tward your back hip and that should put you in position to get the handle and the spin no prob as far as the r2b have you tryed landing it wraped a few times then as you get more confortable you can do it earlyer and earlyer i think they look better late anyways tho haha just my opinoin but anyways good luck stick it mang

westsidarider 01-16-2008 7:07 PM

hey poser... for roll to blind what you gotta do is right when you pop crank your head around and look for the shoer your going towards and reach for the handle. if you do that youll nail it.

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