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deltaboy 01-11-2008 8:29 PM

Just curious if anyone head over to the show in Portland. I hear that Wakecraft had a few boats up there from their new dealer Trueform RV and Marine. Was wondering if they had any new versions of the ZR6 in attendance. Who else was represented? <BR> <BR>What gives, I noticed that Tige isnt a the Pleasanton show this year. I wanted to see what all the hype is about with the new shorter rz. <BR> <BR>(Message edited by deltaboy on January 11, 2008)

polarbill 01-11-2008 9:13 PM

That would be a longer rz. The rz4. They came out with a new Z1 that is a little smaller but not a picklefork.

deltaboy 01-11-2008 9:22 PM

my bad that's the one I was thinking of. Its roughly the same size as our zr6 that's 20.5

lionel 01-11-2008 10:23 PM

Yes, I believe the new 390 hp ZR6 is in the Wakecrafts!! Saw lots of boats that day, can't remember, might have been in the MB or Nautique. At Wakecraft, some guy with a foreign accent was putting the heat on me. "Don't you want to be the first person on the lake with this boat?" <BR> <BR>"NO, my 3 month old baby couldn't fit in the bow of that thing!"

deltaboy 01-11-2008 10:39 PM

That was probably the owner of Wakecraft. Actually a stand up guy. Personally I would rather have the room in the bow sacrificed for more room in the cabin, (the case in a Wakecraft). We love our Wakecraft and not too many really want to sit up there when we go out so it doesnít really matter. Besides itís a true 20.5 foot boat. I was just wondering if any of the boats from Wakecraft that were (are) up there were the new ZR Wake or the ZR Ski. I didnít get time to swing by the factory before they took boats up to the new dealer for the show and wanted to see if they had one with the new tower up there. Curious what others may have though of it with the optional tower for the lesser priced ZR- Wake. <BR> <BR>I imagine the Portland show is a relatively large show with most if not all manufacturers present.

lionel 01-11-2008 11:09 PM

Kevin, I appreciate what wakecraft and you guys are trying to do. Competition is good....... <BR> <BR>If it's a true 20.5 boat and you like room in the cabin, then why did they build part of the swim platform into the back of the boat. It basically makes the cabin smaller with the room of an 18 or 19' boat. <BR> <BR>The towers seem to shake pretty easily, much like the old Malibu carbon fiber towers. I did notice one seemed to be different and a little better, not sure if that is the old or new tower? Fill me in on the ZR wake and ZR ski. <BR> <BR>I do like how the entire back end pops up, looks easy to work on. And I like the trailer rims!! <BR> <BR>The Portland show is huge and Wakecraft was way in the back corner, next to all things the sheriff boats/booth!! We found you though.....

deltaboy 01-12-2008 12:40 AM

I would have to respectfuly <BR> disagree about the cabin feeling like a 18 footer. Just friends with the owner since we bought ours and live about 10 min away from Wakecraft and like to swing by once in a while to see what's up. Its just a different design. Our tower doesn't move or make noise at all. Interesting that it moved around on you easily. <BR> <BR>The ZR Wake (from what I gather) is a scaled down version of the decked out ZR6. Same hull just a bit less hp no shower no heater no stereo and a more traditional tower and a run of the mill no frills Sport Boats trailer with 15 inch wheels. Not positive but they should be asking under 50k. <BR> <BR>The ZR ski is a dd and I know they had the prototype in process but wasn't sure if it went up to that show since its not in Pleasanton. It'll be interesting to see some swerving behind it. That's funny, next to the Sheriff. I'm giving him grief about that. <BR> <BR>I saw the new tower briefly before they put it on the boat for Pleasanton. I think it gives someone more options for nice cans and other after market stuff to put on. The hatch is a sweet function on that boat, make some thing real easy.

sydwayz 01-12-2008 12:46 PM

Wakecraft was there with 3 or 4 boats. Talked with David the owner of Wakecraft. Very nice Aussie. David has a very extensive background in the boating world. Some interesting things about purchasing some interesting boat manufacturers.... Back to the boat. <BR> <BR>Wakecraft has alot of value in their boats. Lots of very cool items: carbon fiber inlays in the gel coat and billet items, closed cooling system, stereo system done well, very nice trailer rolling on 20's. Over all very nice package for around $46k. <BR> <BR>I was told if I bought the ZR6 I could trade it straight across for the new 2009 ZR8 when they come out. Also with Mike Murphy's patent coming availible to everyone we should see PureVert. <BR> <BR>I love the ideas and the craftmanship but dislike the overall design.

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