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truebeachbum 01-10-2008 1:00 PM

i want a good one a real good one with slo mo and i guess its called time lapse were u shoot for like 14 hours and then show it playing real fast. but i want a real good one

andy_nintzel 01-10-2008 1:17 PM

I use Adobe Premier Pro, it works great for me! I just love it.

01-10-2008 2:35 PM

If you've got big bucks to spend and are willing to put in the time to learn the program, then Final Cut Pro or Premier Pro are great. However a more reasonable program for most people would be Adobe Premier Elements. It's got a lot of the features that Premier Pro has, but at about one sixth of the price. I would only reccomend Premier Pro or Final Cut Pro to someone who is doing some pretty serious editing (like making a pro-quality movie). Of course if you've got $600-1200 that you don't mind parting with for the Pro versions, then go for it. But Elements has pretty much everything you'll need for casual editing that still looks really great.

andy_nintzel 01-10-2008 2:54 PM

I got the Adobe Premier Pro For Dummy's Book it totally taught me everything about the program. But it very tedious, and after using it for 2 years all the time I am still learning new features and short cuts.

truebeachbum 01-10-2008 2:59 PM

what features does premier pro have

wakeslife 01-10-2008 3:10 PM

anything and everything you could ever imagine. <BR> <BR>Its just learning how to do use all the features that takes some time...

andy_nintzel 01-10-2008 3:13 PM

Freaking everything. You can honestly do everything on it. <BR> <BR>you can DL a PFD from their site.

wayz 01-10-2008 5:58 PM

I just got Final Cut Express this year. It works great and not so expensive. It worked like a charm editing and transfering AVCHD files.

cali_rider 01-11-2008 10:39 AM

I have Have Final Cut Studio 6 and its just awesome. Do it all in Final cut, make your own music score in Soundtrack, Bring your cut into color and bring it to life, then export it out to DVD studio pro to share with your friends. <BR> <BR>Honestly if your not ready to dump $6,000 then just get Final cut express or something simple.

sbt3 01-11-2008 2:18 PM

how quick are those programs in rendering? I have an older version of pinnacle that takes forever to render stuff. It is also locking up so I may be looking into something different myself. I just hate to have to relearn using a program. Is the adobe similar to photoshop cs? I am getting better with that.

dakid 01-11-2008 2:39 PM

adobe makes photoshop. <BR>photoshop = photo editing <BR>premiere pro = video editing <BR> <BR>how long it takes programs to render = depends on your computer processor &amp; ram

andy_nintzel 01-11-2008 3:00 PM

Rendering to a certain extent depends on your computer and the quality your are rendering

sbt3 01-12-2008 6:14 PM

sorry should have been more specific. I know that adobe=photoshop &amp; premier pro. I was wondering if the function of things in premier pro were similar to photoshop. I would guess they would be.

sidekicknicholas 01-12-2008 6:17 PM

Vegas Video works well and is quite cheap, or free if you find a working torrent site

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