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05-23-2001 4:43 PM

Can anyone give me some tips on this move I am getting majorly hung up everytime I try this. A simple run through of the mechanics would be very helpful. Thanks alot!

05-23-2001 5:22 PM

wrapped or handle pass? <BR> <BR>travis <BR>ridethespot.com

05-23-2001 7:35 PM

ive tried it both ways and I get fouled up badly each time I dont know what Im doing to get that way so a walkthrough would be helpful thanks

05-24-2001 8:17 PM

robby, <BR> i would say that wrapped is definitely the easiest way to learn. first off just take a solid cut thru the top of the wake. you don't want to be completely hauling ass, but a little edge can help you rotate. make sure that your chest is up and a touch more weight on your back foot. you really shouldn't have to put that much effort into throwing it. just rise with you legs and initiate the movement with your head and chest a bit like you are doing a mexican roll. don't really pull the handle, but just kinda squeeze the T, taking it with you thru the first part of the trick. the rest should really take care of it self. hope this helps. <BR> <BR>travis <BR>ridethespot.com

05-25-2001 5:48 AM

thanks travis I landed it on the second try after that. Anyone who reads this...Travis is the man!

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