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hillbilly 01-06-2008 9:16 PM

A friend of mine just got an 07 Tahoe with 24's, Problem is about 65-70 it gets a shake. Brand new SUV/Tires should this happen? I say no but I'm no prof.Are they just really hard to balance? Oh and the tires are 305's if that matters. THANKS

chpthril 01-06-2008 9:25 PM

Balancing wheels is an art, especially those that you cant/dont want to put weights on the outside bead. <BR> <BR>Are they an exact-fit lug pattern with an acorn style nut, or universal lug pattern with a shoulder on the lug (Harder to balance IMPO) <BR> <BR>Some wheels are hub-centric and need to be balanced using the center of the wheel and some are lug-centric and need an arbor that fits the lug pattern. <BR> <BR>Have the shop re-balance. If that does not cure it, contact the wheel manf and ask them what they suggest.

jeasy 01-06-2008 9:26 PM

No it should not. I have gone 100 with my an no shake. Maybe it is the tire mine are goodyear GT. <BR>Tell your homie to take it back and demand they fix it.

hillbilly 01-06-2008 9:36 PM

Yeah he took it to the tire place today and they supp. fixed it but he took me for a spin tonight and it aint right. He's taking it back to the dealer tom.

chpthril 01-06-2008 9:43 PM

Dealer will tell him he is SOL because it is aftermarket induced. <BR> <BR>This is not a headache that I would not want to get into because once I attempt to fix, I, as the dealer service dept, own the problem. <BR> <BR>I know it's not what he wants to hear.

99_slaunch 01-06-2008 9:45 PM

I worked for Discount tire/ Americas tire for about 7yrs. The most common mistake when putting on aftermarket wheels are the retainer clips left on the studs. 3 of the 5 studs have clips on them. They must be removed for aftermarket wheels or the wheel will not sit flat on the mounting surface. This can cause a vibration. If the wheels are not hub centric see if hub centric rings are available. <BR> <BR>Tige Mike is correct there is an art to balancing.

chpthril 01-06-2008 9:58 PM

Good call on the retainers, Aaron.

trentj6930 01-07-2008 10:29 AM

Have you guys heard of road force balancing? We had a brand new Ford Explorer that had a shake about 60 and after being balanced over and over all that happened was the shake moved to a different speed. Ford ordered us new tires but they said we had to try a "road force balance" before they would give us the new tires. The new balance worked great. We have put on 30,000 km since and have not had any issues at all. I guess the balance machine is about $25k. Sounds like a few of you have lots of tire experience. Maybe you could shed some light on the subject for us.

chpthril 01-07-2008 11:38 AM

Those machine, in the correct hands, are the bomb. They load the tire with pressure to simulate the weight of the vehicle so it's much more like real road conditions. I had the chance to demo one about 5 yrs ago before I left the biz, but could not talk my dealer principal into stroking the check. <BR> <BR>Rumor was GM was going to make them a Dealer Essential Tool, but dont know if it ever happened.

allen 01-07-2008 11:46 AM

the Tahoes have disc on the back don't they? if they do then they will not have retainer clips.

chpthril 01-07-2008 11:49 AM

Forgot to add...........as good as the force balancer is, you still have the problem of where to place the weights on aftermarket wheels, in order to correct the balance. <BR> <BR>The machines work great, but it's often times a case of GIGO, the operator misplaces the weight.

99_slaunch 01-07-2008 5:06 PM

Yes some disc brake vehicles have the retainer clips. I'm not positive if the tahoes do.

hillbilly 01-07-2008 9:51 PM

Well he took it back today and the tire shop acted like they had done all they could and tried to tell him they needed 2k miles break in period(WTF) HAHA. But then he called the dealer who then talked to the tire shop and they somehow magically got it right the 3rd time. But I don't know what they did or if they had to add anything or not.

allen 01-08-2008 8:53 AM

Huh, I've never seen disc with retainers. My bad.

99_slaunch 01-08-2008 9:10 AM

The ones that I have seen are on disc that are called a floated disc. So that when you unbolt the caliper the clips are the only thing that holds the rotor in place. Typically if it's had a brake job the clips do not get put back.

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