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newwhit 01-06-2008 3:02 PM

are balance boards/ indo boards good for off season "training"? any other good ideas?

hyperboarder05 01-06-2008 3:46 PM

Another good idea for off season training is a trampoline if you have access to one.

wakemandan 01-29-2008 11:33 AM

Certainly they're good for balancing. and has helped recover from my knee surgeries.

mox369 02-02-2008 11:16 PM

they are fun too!! I have an indo board and love to have fun with it, i can do pop shuvits, 360's and its hilarious to watch a newbie biff it hard!!

wakecrzy2000 02-19-2008 8:23 PM

yea i built one and the family loves it plus it helped me with my injuries

jamien 06-15-2008 6:11 AM

Tape a pair of old bindings onto a skateboard deck. Great fun on the trampoline and a good way of developing spatial awareness

brody 06-15-2008 4:57 PM

I have the normal indo board, and it was fun for a while, but got boring. I would recommend the skate style boards that you can do tricks on.

maxwake 12-31-2008 6:29 AM

I like the indo board but the RipStik is a great trainer for off season as well. My son got one for Christmas and it is very cool. You can also ride it normal and switch.

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