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wiltok 02-09-2003 8:30 AM

Been foiling for a few months and starting to learn the wake jump. Question: does the size of the wake affect your height/distance jumping? In other words, do I need to fill the sacks or doesn't it matter? <BR> <BR>-Keith

02-09-2003 4:21 PM

The answer is yes, and no. You'll get most of your height from good technique, i.e. solid pop at the right time and line loading. But a huge wake will amplify a good riders height. I rode behind a 19' Ski Supreme last summer and expected to get very little air, my technique had improved and I suprised myself. If you usually ride behind a small wake boat and then get behind something like an X Star of Super Air, it'll blow you away.

bcoppinger 02-10-2003 12:14 PM

I think that Jonathan is right, good technique is key.

wiltok 02-10-2003 5:43 PM

Thanks guys - much appreciated. I am actually having some problems mastering the wake jump. I can jump in the flats fine, but for some reason the wake is throwing me off (I seem to be landing on my head - may be looking down). Any advice?

02-11-2003 6:21 AM

Not nkowing how you're jumping will affect that answer Keith. <BR> <BR>When you jump in the flats, do you ride level then lean back? Or, do you ride level, then dip towards the water and then lean back ( dip and pop )? <BR> <BR>If you're not doing a dip and pop, you should try and practice it. It helps your timing, as I've seen with some of our friends, when approaching the wake. Also, I've seen folks approach the wake with WAY too aggressive an angle of attack. When you statr with the wake jumps, try to picture youself landing in the middle between the wakes, right in the wash. <BR> <BR>Also, keep the chin up, don't bother looking at the landing site. Keep your body in one position ( rocking chair position ) hand low by the knees. <BR> <BR>Hopefully, this will help keeping you from the face plants. <BR> <BR>One more thing - DON'T PUSH WITH YOUR FEET! That's a sure way to get the nose of the deck down and a face plant coming up. Keep the tip of the foil up, at about a 45 degree angle to the water. <BR> <BR>Have Too Much Fun, <BR>Matt <BR> <BR>

02-14-2003 6:28 AM

Keith, go to <a href="http://www.foilfreaks.com" target="_blank">www.foilfreaks.com</a> and check out their tutorials on jumping. The tutorials also include video clips of the jumps done correctly. This may help you see what you are doing different on the wake jumps. I, like you could do a flat jump pretty good but the wake jump kicked my butt, I found out I was taking off from the wake jump not squared up. Because of the cut to the boat I was leaning to the left or right get speed and jumped from the wake with the same angle, that tended to amplify itself in the air and over I went. I slowed down my boat speed and made sure I was perpendicular to the water when I started my wake jump. Hope this helps. <BR> <BR>Jim

wiltok 02-14-2003 5:31 PM

All that is advice is awesome - if only it was warm enough to go out and foil! I know I am probably pushing with my feet, and not getting squared on the jump. Thanks again...

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