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wakeboardin2k4 12-29-2007 8:48 AM

So the weather for next Wednesday in Orlando is calling for a low temp of 31 degrees. I'm a little upset that its going to get that cold. This is my first winter in Orlando and wondering if people will drain their blocks and manifolds just for one night where it could hi 31 degrees and then it will be in the 70s the next day? <BR> <BR>I know it takes 2 seconds to drain everything but im lazy! (My profile age gives away why Im lazy)

rallyart 12-29-2007 9:33 AM

You should just put a trouble light in the engine compartment for the night and go see Sea World while there are no crowds. <BR> <BR>Gotta run, I need to put a light coat of water on the rink out back while its light, and my son wants to go skating again in an hour.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0>

robertr720 12-29-2007 9:58 AM

Yeah I would say that you don't have much to worry about if it is only gonna get to 31 then it won't be cold for a long enough period of time to do anything but it is always better to be safe than sorry. Takes arts advice although if you are gonna take the time to do that then you can just drain in about the same amount of time if you are familiar with doing so.

wakeboardin2k4 12-29-2007 10:11 AM

I would put in a trouble light but its at a storage place without electrical outlets. <BR> <BR>Ill just drain the block like a man

robertr720 12-29-2007 10:21 AM

good call

liveoz 12-29-2007 5:36 PM

Eric, <BR> <BR>31 outside is not going to hurt your boat. The water in your block will not come close to freezing. And if 31 is the low, you will probably have less than hour below freezing, I would not worry about it unless you have temps below in the low 30's for more than 8 hours continuously.

otown_dave 12-29-2007 7:30 PM

It won't be cold long enough to hurt anything. Now if they ever say a hard freeze warning for Orlando then That's when you start loosing water pipes ,shrubs &amp; outdoor plants.

srock 12-31-2007 9:41 AM

I heard of draining the snake but what does draining the block mean? Must be a Northern term.

otown_dave 01-01-2008 7:31 AM

Well they are saying 26 for Wed night, You might drain...

ord27 01-01-2008 8:22 AM

or just pump some antifreeze through it using a water hose adapter/fake a lake

retrofridge 01-01-2008 7:19 PM

For those in this situation and your boat hangs on a lift.(not recommended for a hard freeze) Lower your boat in the water and let it float for the night

wakeboardin2k4 01-01-2008 8:30 PM

cliff- it takes 7 gallons of antifreeze to cycle it through my boats engine. And for only one night ill just drain it.

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