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khaz 12-29-2007 12:38 AM

After looking around this site and talking with some people about the differences between the Canon 40D and the XTi, I am thinking of going ahead and getting the 40D. I am looking at taking a couple of classes and am hoping to "grow" into this camera over the next few years. With that said, (and I will listen if any of you think I am wasting my money, or there is a better option), I want to make sure I am not getting anything I don't need. I talked to a guy at the camera store today about this setup, and he was mentioning a maintenance program for about $120 for 4 years. Is this needed? It allows me to send in the camera twice per year to get cleaned, along with repairing anything that breaks on the camera. <BR> <BR>I am not one that typically buys the extended warranties with my purchases, and I am not sure if the cleaning feature or repair is a needed extra. <BR> <BR>Thank you in advance.

scott_a 12-29-2007 12:56 AM

Meh...I'd skip it. Canon offers a 1 year warranty on that camera, right? The only maintenance you'll probably ever need is a sensor cleaning, and that should only run you about $35 anyways. You can even do this at home if you want. But then if that warranty of theirs covers accidental damage then hmm...<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0> <BR> <BR>As far as the 40D is concerned- it's a perfectly fine camera to start shooting with, especially if you're going to wanna learn how to shoot in manual mode and use some of the more advanced features. Basically, it's a better tool to use to get the job done. I'm still not a fan of that Digi Rebel. You don't get a wheel on the back that adjusts the aperture and scrolls through menus. Instead, I think you have to press a button on the back of the body with your thumb and scroll the wheel by the shutter release button to change the aperture. It's really stupid and I probably just confused you there, but basically if you can afford the 40D and you wanna get into photography, then go with the 40D.

Walt 12-29-2007 8:30 AM

I'd go with the 40D and skip the maintenance plan too.

richd 12-29-2007 8:30 AM

I thought the 40D already had the self cleaning sensor? I've shot about 12K clicks so far with the mkIII and it doesn't show any signs of dust at all. I had the same results with the xti so I've got to think the sensor cleaning system is working pretty well. <BR> <BR>I agree with Scott, there is really nothing else to maintain, they don't really get out of adjustment and if by chance you get a unit that's off to begin with Canon will tweak that under warranty for up to a year.

khaz 12-29-2007 9:22 AM

That's what I wanted to hear. Thank you very much. I have gone back and forth about the two, and the 40D is obviously a better camera, and you are paying for it. It feels a lot better in my hands, and comes with a much better lens. <BR> <BR>I am not sure I can afford it Scott, but Santa brought some money, so there's a little extra in the petty cash fund right now.<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/lol.gif" border=0> I do want to get into photography, and do not want to buy a new one in a year from now. <BR> <BR>Thanks again for your guys input.

joshturner 12-29-2007 12:20 PM

Before you buy take a close look at the Nikon D80 and the D300 or D200. The D80 is going to be sitting right between the XTi and the D40 and the D300 is comparable to the D40 if not a bit of a step up. For fear of starting the infamous canon vs nikon debates i will say go with what you like best but certainly take a look. also compare some of the pro models between the two as well. this will give you some insight as to where the companies are taking their technology. Personally i like nikon. thier biggest downfall being high ISO noise, but canon i find is much more difficult to operate. a large part of the setting are through the menu. <BR> <BR>no one had mentioned it so i figured i would just stir the pot a little bit.

khaz 12-29-2007 12:40 PM

Joshua, I hear what you are saying, although I am coming from a 35mm Canon that my lenses will work on the 40D. I have seen a lot of good feedback on the Nikon, but with the Canon, I am not going to have to put as much into it right now with additional lenses. I am sure that will change in time as I get better with this camera. <BR> <BR>And...it is too late, since I just got back from the store and the battery is charging as I speak!!!

joshturner 12-29-2007 2:29 PM

awesome. the 40D is still an amazing choice. you really cant go wrong. i thought you were starting out from scratch with no lenes and stuff. it makes no sense to switch if you already have lenses. let us know how it goes.

khaz 12-29-2007 6:55 PM

Well, here's how it is going. I got everything put together... took my first picture of a nice sunset... went to take a second picture of someone and got an "ERROR 99". <BR> <BR>Any thoughts on what I should do? I have looked online and have not been able to find what that error is. I have taken out the battery like the manual says, but no help. This is a great feeling on the first day.

Walt 12-29-2007 7:03 PM

<a href="http://www.richardsnotes.org/archives/2005/04/29/50mm-lens-contact-points/" target="_blank">http://www.richardsnotes.org/archives/2005/04/29/50mm-lens-contact-points/</a>

khaz 12-29-2007 7:11 PM

Thanks Walt, I just found that website right before you sent it. I opened everything up, looked at the lens, and it looked good. Put it back together, tried to take a picture, and something started clicking in the front around the area of the lens. I took the lens off, and as I was opening, something popped. There was a burt smell coming out of the housing after the pop. Would I be able to take this back and get another one? I don't want to start this off with a camera that needs service.

Walt 12-29-2007 7:13 PM

They should take it back. Where did you buy it ?

khaz 12-29-2007 7:15 PM

Best Buy

Walt 12-29-2007 7:17 PM

I'm sure it won't be a problem there. <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

khaz 12-29-2007 7:17 PM

I am heading out the door right now. Thanks

Walt 12-29-2007 7:20 PM

Make sure you bring everything with you. Cables,direction box etc.

khaz 12-29-2007 8:38 PM

Easy exchange, charging it up for round two <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/happy.gif" border=0>

Walt 12-29-2007 8:42 PM

Lets see a few pics from it.

khaz 12-29-2007 8:56 PM

While the battery is charging I can let you know what it was. There was a problem with the flash. I am not sure of the technical term, but it was something to do with the charge of the flash, because when he turned the flash off, it worked fine.

scott_a 12-29-2007 9:06 PM

meh...the flash probably just blew up. That's what the bad smell was. And that "error 99" popped up because the camera was sensing that the flash wasn't working properly.

khaz 12-30-2007 6:51 PM

I am trying to upload a picture, and have not been able to get it small enough. What would be the best way to reduce the picture enough to post? I have looked on the canon software that came with the camera, picasa was recommended to me, and I have looked at Microsoft Picture Manager which was already on the computer.

Walt 12-30-2007 6:55 PM

Well if your going to get into this photography stuff you might as well buy photoshop. You can re-size with windows paint too.

khaz 12-30-2007 7:08 PM

The site keeps telling me to get the picture within 1025x1025. What does that mean? I have already reduced the picture to 448x299 pixels. The program said that would be a small web picture.

khaz 12-30-2007 7:11 PM

Trying this again...<img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/messages/87667/530838.jpg" alt="Upload">

khaz 12-30-2007 7:13 PM

Ok, i need to compress the file, not just resize it. Not much around the house today to take pictures of, just the mess of cleaning up Christmas stuff. I need to get out tomorrow and head down to the beach!!

scott_a 12-30-2007 7:25 PM

What software are you using? Wakeworld requires that photos be less than 150kb in size <i>as well as</i> being less than 1025x1025 pixels.

khaz 12-30-2007 7:30 PM

The only thing I could find in the software I have was in Microsoft Picture Manager. It seemed to work finally, I guess I need to keep messing around. It was the kb that was getting me.

peter_c 12-30-2007 7:52 PM

Didn't the camera come with some kind of photo editing software? I thought they even came with the software to control the camera from a laptop with a live view? Nikon makes it an extra purchase <img src="http://www.wakeworld.com/MB/Discus/clipart/uhoh.gif" border=0> BUT I did get CaptureNX for free...just have not had time to install it yet.

khaz 12-30-2007 8:27 PM

The camera came with Digital Photo professional, I was not able to find a way of editing the size on that program. I am still messing around with it and trying to learn how to use it.

wakemitch 12-31-2007 12:23 AM

Kevin is there an option on the program to save for web? i know photoshop has that

khaz 12-31-2007 8:10 AM

In the Microsoft program, that is what I used to get the picture on here. I was just not able to find that on any of the programs that came with the camera.

richd 12-31-2007 8:49 AM

Launch Canon's Image Browser (part of the SW bundle), select internet, select re-compress and send, adjust as needed.

khaz 12-31-2007 9:42 AM

Thank you Rich, that was easy.

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